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OPINION: Blacks: Leaders, Choices and Voices – By Yvonne Sam

   – By Yvonne Sam

In Mis-Education of the Negro, Carter Woodson the father of Black History asserts, “Blacks sometimes choose their own leaders but unfortunately they are too often the wrong kind. WE do not readily follow persons with constructive programs. Almost any sort of exciting appeal or trivial matter presented to them may receive immediate attention and liberal support.

In many circles we have become so intellectually lazy that we will believe just about anything from anyone, that is, as long as long as we do not have to do anything except trumpet a  Promised Land/ Eden  message, and if we never have to sacrifice for the collective benefit of each other. There are so called Black leaders who in spite of their underhand tactics, their portrayal of themselves as honest brokers, their shadowy-deal making, and their sell-out prowess seem to be exempt from being exposed by our community. While the community has always had to deal with these miscreants we have been reluctant to call them out- to expose them for what they really are.          Continue reading

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