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Trump’s America – Are Sanctuary Cities Safer? – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Trump’s America – Are Sanctuary Cities Safer?

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

It was high summer of Washington Park Square in New York. The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests were in full swing as thousands gathered to vent their feelings against corruption in Wall Street. The lady standing next to me bemoaned the fact that microphones were not allowed; the speeches had to be relayed by speakers that stood in strategic positions. But the world did get the message that Wall Street was corrupt, even if little had happened in Main Street to arrest the gaping inequality that existed in America.

In the last fortnight Washington Park Square was again the scene of protests. On this occasion it was the students that had taken the lead. They were protesting against the proposals of Donald Trump to cut funding for sanctuary cities. Trump had demanded during the campaign that there should be tougher immigration laws to secure the borders.  Continue reading

Inside Story: Rage on Wall Street – videos

Inside Story: Rage on Wall Street – videos

What are the root causes behind the protests in the US? What do demonstrators hope to accomplish? And will the US administration manage to defuse the rage? Guests: Dean Baker, Charlie Wolf, Camille Rivera…  99% versus 1% who own 24% of the economy.

. Michael Moore comments on the “Occupy Wall Street”  Movement….

This is an earlier video on September 23.  Here Michael Moore, filmmaker, activist and author of “Here Comes Trouble,” calls on people all over the country to bring the Occupy Wall Street movement to their communities.

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“OCCUPY WALL STREET” is in its second week …

Occupy Wall Street And New Bottom Line Spark The Struggle to Take Back The American Dream

By Tracy Van Slyke – September 30, 2011Nation of Change

In its second week, hundreds of people have taken over Liberty Square as part of Occupy Wall Street. What started as a loosely organized protest against the corrupting impact that Wall Street and big financial institutions have had on our democracy seems to be growing into something larger.  The persistence and increasing organization of the mostly young protestors is tapping into the pain and disillusionment that millions of young Americans across the nation are feeling as they face bleak economic prospects that show little sign of improving.

As the Occupy Wall Street protestors lift up the pain that young Americans are experiencing and take it directly to the heart of our country’s corrupted financial system, other movements composed of homeowners, the jobless, faith leaders and the growing ranks of the poor are doing the same.  And even better, these groups are demanding that the very banks that caused the economic mess in the first place take specific actions to clean it up and get the economy back on track.         Continue reading