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Obama vs Trump by Cheddie (Joey) Jagan

This is a letter by Cheddi (Joey) Jagan on the potential match-up of President Barack Obama and  Donald Trump in the USA Presidential Elections next year.  I think you would find it interesting.


Dear Editor,
As the polls in the USA show Donald Trump in first place among the Republican candidates and as he has started to attack President Barack Obama, the next presidential elections in 2012 is looming as a great showdown between those who want to carry America back to the past and those who support Obama. If Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, and Editor, I can assure you that no-one else in that party can beat President Obama, then we have a good race, a spirited race between a politician who knows to use the media well and a businessman, who does the same thing , in different ways.

Editor, President Obama, by the next election in the USA, will be the architect of : a new beginning in the Middle East with a rejection of terrorism , democracy as the centerpiece and entrepreneurship the watchword ; a re-birth of better Latin American relations, especially in the economic sphere , strengthening the North/South “capitalistic -but-humanistic” approach of Obama  ; more economic  and political ties to the African continent with a new African democracy, strengthening the African economic upswing , sparkled with a  cadre of youthful vision and inspired by Obama’s life story ; new technologies and trading relationships with the economic miracles of Asia, from Indonesia to India and China , creating the conditions for better US- Asian development plans ;  favourable economic conditions in  most of Europe and a determined cohesion by Obama’s administration, both political and economic , with the European Union.

The writing is already on the wall as the new technologies and investments into new avenues of invention and research which Obama has invested in, will soon bring benefits to the US economy. Unemployment is already going downwards in the US and new start up businesses are on the increase, and this bodes well for Obama’s  political future, especially since positive signs of progress in the US economy are showing up before the next election. Editor,  Obama’s investment into space exploration (NASA) is one avenue where dividends will be great with continued success which no other nation on our planet can compete with; many nations will be lining up for commercial flights into space with payloads for better communications , advanced electronic connections, space research and even space manufacturing to produce precision instruments which cannot be made as well on Earth.

Editor, in law enforcement of white collar criminal activities which have plagued the banking, investment and mortgage sectors of the USA and indeed, have rendered the US economy less potent, President Obama has created special government task forces to hunt down and prosecute criminals, whether they be lawyers or bankers ; as a matter of fact, Guyanese criminal activity in Queens, New York has been recently exposed and quite a few Guyanese scammers, including prominent lawyers and bankers , have been caught by one of Obama’s task forces and are on their way to long jail sentences.  The above mentioned initiatives are only a few of the new policies and actions by the Obama administration and they all add up to the re-building of American economic and political strength.

The politician in Mr.Obama will surface to maximum energy as Mr.Trump will find out ,to his detriment as the election approaches. Editor , Mr. Trump will have to raise over one billion (US) dollars to compete with President Obama and will have to risk a lot of his personal wealth, estimated at two billion (US) dollars. If the risk to his personal fortune is too great and Trump does not run, then Mr.Obama will win a second term ; Trump is the only candidate with a fighting chance to beat Obama.

Editor, at the end of the next presidential elections in the USA , in November,2012, when President Obama will win a second term , if Mr. Trump is the Republican candidate, Mr. Obama should probably start his acceptance speech by saying ,”Mr.Trump, you’re fired !”

Yours faithfully,
Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr.)

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