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A Lukewarm World Heritage Day 2019 in Guyana – by Francis Quamina Farrier

World Heritage Day 2019 in Guyana – by Francis Quamina Farrier

April 18 is the day when countries around the world observe International Day of Monuments and Sites, which is also known as “WORLD HERITAGE DAY. Again this year, that special day which was established by UNESCO, slipped by virtually unheralded here in Guyana.

It is a special day when citizens and tourists alike, visit Monuments and Heritage Sites in droves, hold a number of Conferences and Round Tables related to Monuments and Sites, and journalists write about the Monuments and Heritage Sites in their communities, towns and cities. I have only now come around to write this feature article regards World Heritage Day, 2019, and as such I’m one of those individuals who are, “Guilty by Omission”.

However, as the saying goes, “Better late than never”, and so here I am with this feature article which throws the spotlight on some of Guyana’s Monuments and Sights in our Beautiful “Land of Many Waters” and Lofty Hills and Mountains.          Continue reading

Memories, Memorials and Monuments – By Ron Persaud

Memories, Memorials and Monuments – By Ron Persaud

 Years and years ago, I was drawn to some of the framed photographs that adorned the walls of the homes of family. There was one of my maternal grandfather – debonair in his “Wilson” hat, complete with feather in the hat band; and the white handkerchief in the breast pocket of his jacket.

How very different from the stern, lined, weather beaten face of the man whom I called “Pa”. In passing, I have to confess that I tried very hard, but never succeeded in replicating the geometric precision of those three triangles of white. I settled for a narrow white strip across the top of the breast pocket of my coat.     Continue reading

The Gardens of Georgetown

The Gardens of Georgetown

By Arlene Munro – (pub: September 3, 2009 Stabroek News)

In the city of Georgetown there are beautiful, scenic gardens that delight the eyes of citizens and tourists alike. Lovers of nature are enthralled by the splendour and profusion of flowers in these gardens. Today I will focus on the Botanic Gardens and Zoological Park, the Promenade Gardens, and the Company Path Gardens.

Kissing Bridge. Botanical Gardens

The idea of the Botanic Gardens was conceived by the Royal Agricultural and Commercial Society when in 1877 it passed a resolution for a letter to be sent to the Governor and Court of Policy for the organization of a Botanical and Horticultural Garden in the city of Georgetown. Consequently, the government bought the backlands of Vlissengen (276 acres for $72,000). A portion of this land was reserved for the gardens.

Mr. John Frederick Waby, a botanist from Trinidad, came to British Guiana in 1878 to serve as head gardener. First of all the land was drained. Trenches were excavated and the land was raised to a higher level with soil taken from the area where the lakes now exist.  Another botanist, Mr. G.S. Jenman, travelled to British Guiana in 1880 to assist Mr. Waby. The original gardens were a resort for animals and birds.   Continue reading

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