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Cheddi Jagan’s Contribution to Guyana’s Independence – By Ralph Ramkarran


Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Inspired by events that were occurring in the wider world and influenced by progressive views while he was a student in the United States, Dr. Cheddi Jagan returned to Guyana in 1943, then British Guiana, intent on becoming politically involved on behalf of the poor and disadvantaged. He chose the trade union movement as an entrance point. Ashton Chase and Jocelyn Hubbard, both trade unionists, were sought out to join with him and Janet Jagan to form the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) on November 6, 1946, as a study and discussion group.

Branches emerged in various places including Kitty, Buxton and Enmore. My father, Boysie Ramkarran, joined the Kitty Group in 1947. Ashton Chase, at the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the PAC said that my father was the Secretary of that group. Eusi Kwayana was active in the Buxton group.   Continue reading

THE FALL OF THE PPP – by Ralph Ramkarran


Ralph Ramkarran

Ralph Ramkarran

Posted on May 23, 2015 – by Ralph Ramkarran

The PPP’s boast has always been that it never lost elections. While it gained the highest votes in 1964, it was the PNC that was invited to form the government, which it did in coalition with the United Force. The slogan of ‘cheated not defeated’ resounded through the decades. The slogan is once again rearing its head.

The claim that it lost as a result of fraud allows it to maintain the delusion, for the benefit of its supporters, that it has never lost elections. This also serves to protect its leaders and policies from critical analysis and corrective action and revive its historic claims to victimology, now of an openly posturing ethnic political entity, to sustain the sympathy of its innocent supporters against the tribal hordes. Continue reading

The election African Guyanese have helped to lift our collective political culture – Dr. David Hinds

In the course of the election African Guyanese have helped to lift our collective political culture

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

Dr. David Hinds

The APNU-AFC Coalition’s victory in Guyana was made possible by the priceless contributions of Guyanese of all ethnicities and social class. Women and men voted and gave moral and practical support. The elderly, the not so old and the very young came forward in their numbers. In the end it was a Guyanese victory for all Guyanese.

But we would be dishonest if we did not recognize the particular role played by the African Guyanese section of the electorate. Some analysts have contended that it was the increased votes in Region 4 that ultimately made the difference. Perhaps the craziness that accompanies any discussion of race and ethnicity precludes any such assertion. So, at the risk of being accused of introducing race, let me be the first to do so openly and unambiguously.   Continue reading

Guyana 2030: An Overview of Options & Opportunities for National Development + video

Guyana 2030: An Overview of Options & Opportunities (O3 ) for National Development – (see PDF slides and video presentation below)  

Guyana 2030This conceptual proposal being presented under the title ‘An Overview of Options & Opportunities (O3) for National Development’ for your consideration was crafted by Stanley Ming, Eric Phillips, Joseph Singh and Supriya Singh. It is a synthesis of historical and updated studies, implemented and planned projects, and interpretations that derive from the global environment. It represents the fundamentals of an integrated plan of action which will have a transformational impact in propelling Guyana into a modern, prosperous country for the well being of current and future generations.   Continue reading

Guyana Elections: Opposition coalition lashes back at PPP attacks in Queens, New York

Opposition coalition lashes back at PPP attacks in Queens, New York

Sunday, 22 March 2015 23:38 – Written by  m- Demerara Waves

Opposition coalition lashes back at PPP attacks in Queens, New York

The coalition appeared to have deliberately targeted its message to the predominantly East Indo-Guyanese community in Queens, New York who have been traditional backers of the incumbent PPPC.

Assurances- although not entirely watertight- that A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) would not kick out the Alliance For Change (AFC) from the coalition on winning the May 11, 2015 election were given against the background that the PPPC has been claiming that there would be a repeat of the PNC had booting the United Force (UF) four years after coalescing in 1964. “It will work my friends. We have to make it work. This is not about us. It is about you. This is what you want….National unity is now on the cards,” Nagamootoo told more than 300 mainly Indo-Guyanese.   Continue reading

Alliances and Compromises in Guyana’s Politics – By Ralph Ramkarran

Alliances and Compromises in Guyana’s Politics

Ralph Ramkarran

   Ralph Ramkarran

By Ralph Ramkarran – February 21, 2015 conversationtree.gy blog

The Cummingsburg Accord is only the latest in the history of alliances in Guyana’s post-war politics. The PPP emerged out of informal class and ethnic alliances in 1950. The PNC-UDP sought to merge African working and middle classes in the 1950s, with some resistance. The ‘moderate’ PNC came together with the ‘right wing’ UF in 1964. The opposition formed the little known VLD (Vanguard for Liberation and Democracy) in the late 1970s and the PCD in 1985, which comprised groups of differing ideological persuasions. The WPA emerged out of an alliance of several left/radical groups.

The PPP sought to engage the PNC by ‘critical support’ in 1976. In 1977 the PPP offered to sacrifice the presidency and take the second spot of prime minister in a new constitutional formula outlined in the National Patriotic Front in the interests of national unity. It was the epitome of political magnanimity in Guyana’s modern political history. The PPP saw working class unity and the strengthening of the left trend initiated by the PNC Government, as the outcome. It was rejected.   Continue reading

“Cummingsburg Accord”: APNU-AFC Coalition agreement and program

Georgetown, Guyana

Friday 20th February 2015


 A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) have presented a ten-point programme for democracy, development and national unity. This follows their decision to contest the forthcoming General and Regional elections as a single coalition. That decision was embodied in the Cummingsburg Accord signed by Leader of APNU, Brigadier David Granger and Leader of the AFC, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan on the 14th February 2015. Continue reading

THE PROMISE OF 1950 – by Ralph Ramkarran

ralphramkarran-THE PROMISE OF 1950

This is an appropriate time, on the occasion of the celebration of Guyana’s 48th Independence Anniversary, only two years before age 50, to begin the assessment of our condition as an independent nation and try to assess the future. Such a discourse is even more urgent at this time when it must be clear to all that Guyana’s post independence political dispensation is poised for a transformation. While politicians contend with the pressures of managing, or even acknowledging, new political developments, leaving frustration in their wake, there is no doubt that change is upon us – change so dramatic that it will transform our political landscape.

The discourse could begin by asking the question: What did a shovelman (Fred Bowman), a Hindu Priest (Pandit Misir), a lawyer of Chinese heritage (Rudy Luck,), a dentist (Cheddi Jagan), a lawyer and a Guyana Scholar (Forbes Burnham), a transport supervisor and trade unionist of mixed but dominant European extraction (Frank Van Sertima), a school teacher (Sydney King), a mixed heritage transport worker (Ivan Cendrecourt), a woman optician (Sheila La Taste), an American-born woman (Janet Jagan) and a trade unionist (Hubert Critchlow), mostly young people, have in common? These are 11 of the 22 General Council members of the PPP of 1950, chosen at random.   Continue reading

ADDRESS TO THE NATION By Brigadier David Granger


By: Brigadier David Granger

 Georgetown, Guyana – Tuesday 6th December 2011


 People waited for hours to vote, many for the first time in their lives, in our general and regional elections on Monday 28th November. Lines of voters in large numbers stretched around schools, public buildings and private residences.  Guyanese, on the coastland and hinterland, town and country believed that elections 2011 would be different.  They believed that their voices would express that difference and that their votes could make that difference.

Young and old, rich and poor – Amerindians, Africans, East Indians, Chinese, Portuguese, people of mixed origin – sent a message to the world. Guyanese are not a motley collection of races.  We are not a geographical collection of ‘red’ and ‘green’ regions. We are one people and one nation.  Continue reading

Ramjattan boycotts Ramotar swearing in

Ramjattan boycotts Ramotar swearing in


….says was responding to malicious lies being peddled by NCN

Alliance for Change Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan, says that it was the malicious lies being peddled by the National Communications Network and the inability of the People’s Progressive Party Civic to reign in the aggravating reports that caused him to not attend the swearing-in ceremony of Donald Ramotar as Head of State.

Ramjattan has asserted that his party will remain an independent party.
According to reports the state-owned National Communication Network in Berbice, where the AFC had a significant number of crossover votes from the once dominant People’s Progressive Party, has been reporting that AFC is now in bed with A Partnership for National Unity.  Continue reading

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