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GUYANA HISTORY: Now 36 Years since Forbes Burnham transitioned – by Francis Quamina Farrier

  – by Francis Quamina Farrier
When someone we know dies, especially suddenly, we always reflect on the last time we saw them alive. In this article which is about the 36th. Death Anniversary of President Forbes Burnham, I will reflect not only on what was the last time I saw him alive, but comments I recently garnered from Guyanese over three decades later.
I last saw President Burnham alive on Saturday August 4, 1985. It was a special occasion for me and scores of other citizens of Georgetown; those with special interest in the history of our beautiful Garden city. Murray street in the city ward of South Cummingsburg, was having that name changed from honoring the colonial governor, Sir John Murray, who owned slaves in the colony, to that of the enslaved African, Deacon Quamina an enslaved African, of the Bethel Congregational church at Le Resouviner on the lower East Coast, Demerara.

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Heading for the Mountains on World Theatre Day – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Heading for the Mountains on World Theatre Day

– by Francis Quamina Farrier

Since this is the Lenten Season on the Christian calendar, I feel compelled to emulate the great Apostle, St. Paul, and tell of the things which I do not like to boast about. For example, St. Paul said that he would not boast about being Shipwrecked or being thrown into prison innocently.

So I will not boast about writing over thirty plays, of having won the FIRST and THIRD prizes at the Official playwriting competition at Guyana’s Independence in 1966, and of writing Guyana’s first ever Radio Soap Opera, “The Tides of Susanburg”. Neither would I care to boast about winning the Best Actor Award at the British Guiana National Drama Festival of 1965, with the great Derek Walcott being the Adjudicator.        Continue reading

Guyana National School of Theatre Arts and Drama opens

Guyana National School of Theatre Arts and Drama opens

Capitol News – 31 January 2013 –  It took a few decades after a National Dance School was established in Guyana, for a Drama School to come on stage, so to speak. At a very small and simple Ceremony, suitably called “Opening Act”, at the National Cultural Centre on Tuesday evening, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport unveiled the Logo and plans for the school to be known as the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama.    Continue reading

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