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GUYANA – Latest News – October 9, 2015

GUYANA – Latest News – October 9, 2015 – Kaieteur News

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President Granger meets with Trinidad counterpart

OCTOBER 9, 2015 | President David Granger traveled to neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, on Wednesday, where he met with new Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Dr. Keith Rowley. This meeting marked the first between the two CARICOM Heads of State, since Dr. Rowley was elected in September. President Granger and Prime Minster Rowley re-affirmed the bilateral relationship between […]

NCN paid ‘ghost employees’ $6.6M last year

OCTOBER 9, 2015 | A State audit of the 2014 financial statements of the National Communications Network (NCN) has confirmed that the entity doled out over $6.6M last year for staffers who were not even working there. Rather, the 17 persons were stationed elsewhere, at the Office of the President (OP), under the administration of the previous Government, and […]     Continue reading

Guyana: NCN in hot water for paying OP’s phantom bloggers

Cash-strapped NCN in hot water for paying OP’s phantom bloggers

Kwame McCoy

Kwame Mc Coy

June 3, 2015 | By KNews |  Some of the persons hired to work in a shadowy unit reportedly spearheaded by Kwame Mc Coy, former Press Liaison of the Office of the President, were not even stationed there, as shocking details continue to emerge over the extent of the abuse of state resources under the previous Government.

On Monday, almost two dozen persons were given letters ending their services by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, after it became clear that they were tasked with doing political, propaganda work for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C).   Continue reading

Robeson Benn defends intervention in calypso playing

Robeson Benn defends intervention in calypso playing

Written by Demerara Waves Friday, 01 March 2013 [see comments]

Public Works Minister, Robeson Benn on Friday denied ordering National Communications Network (NCN) to stop playing the 2013 winning calypso titled ‘God Don’t Sleep’ but said he found the song offensive particularly on a government station.

“I said it is not for me to tell you to stop playing it but I said I don’t think it should be played,” Benn told reporters. The minister also refuted reports that he had stormed into the station and instructed that all the 2013 calypsos be banned, saying that his intervention concerning one song had created a ripple effect and rumour-mongering.

Benn described the lyrics as abusive and slanderous and could not be proven in a court of law. He said he was not immune to criticism but at the same time he could not support such a song being played on the station.    Continue reading

Government corruption uncovered! – AFC

Statement by the AFC:

Government corruption uncovered!- AFC

What is corruption? Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.
It means that:

  • • Decisions are taken for private interest instead of for public benefit.
  • • Democratic institutions are weakened and legitimacy, public trust and support are lost.
  • • Instead of fair competition based on price, quality and innovation, competitive bribery thrives. This harms trade and deters investments.
  • • The environment is threatened – when environmental protection agencies are corrupt, the very foundations of sustainable development are eroded.
  • • Human rights abuses flourish – as corruption increases, regimes become more secretive, and basic social and economic rights are threatened.
  • • It becomes impossible for millions of people, especially in developing countries, to earn an honest living.

Many persons have asked why the Alliance For Change is participating in a debate series on corruption that is being hosted by the government-controlled National Communications Network. The answer is simple, when truth is on your side you have nothing to fear.   Continue reading

Corruption investigations: NCN and East Coast Highway

NCN investigation report leaked…“If criminal charges are not laid against Sattaur and Goolsarran, then Ramotar supports corruption” – Ramjattan


The Alliance For Change (AFC) is calling for a full blown inquiry into the entire operations of the National Communications Network (NCN) after a damning report that was leaked to a Parliamentarian spoke clearly of collusion by two senior staffers to milk that state-owned entity. According to AFC’s Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, the report which was […]

Leaked NCN report reveals shocking details of attempted cover up…Staffers pressured to prepare backdated invoice for $3.6M


A leaked report on investigations at the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) has revealed startling details of how two under-fire managers in June attempted to pressure female staffers to backdate a $3.6 million invoice to January to cover up their tracks. But the staffers, from the Marketing Department, refused and later told investigators that they […]

E.C.D. four-lane extension…Contractor rejects bribery demand   Continue reading

Corruption has Donald Ramotar cornered – commentary

Corruption has Donald Ramotar cornered

JUNE 19, 2012 | BY  | EDITORIAL

Over time the people of this country have been hearing about their corrupt government. For example, there was talk that Forbes Burnham had stolen so much money that he was the fifth richest person in the world. The accusers quoted Forbes Magazine. Those were the days when information contained in foreign magazines was not readily available.

It turned out that there was never such a publication. Today, more than 25 years after Burnham’s death there is no evidence that he was ever a wealthy man. President Cheddi Jagan came to power with a pledge to run a lean and clean government. And he was true to his word. He caused his government to import pharmaceuticals when a local supplier turned out to be fleecing his government. Suffice it to say that that local supplier is once more the major supplier of pharmaceuticals to the government.      Continue reading

Auditor General to launch emergency NCN probe

Auditor General to launch emergency NCN probe

JUNE 13, 2012 | BY  | By Gary Eleazar

 – financial statements one year overdue

The State-owned National Communications Network (NCN), which has been rocked in recent days with allegations of financial impropriety, is more than one year overdue when it comes to the submission of its financial statements for 2010 to be audited.

This was confirmed by Auditor General (ag) Deodat Sharma, who said that in the face of the current assertions, he is currently putting together a team and sometime during this week, an emergency probe will commence.

Entities that are required to submit financial statements to be audited by the Auditor General (AG) must complete this task by April 30. NCN, however, as is the case with several other companies that fall under the ambit of NICIL, is lagging behind.

The Auditor General says that he is currently in possession of the Financial Statements from the company for 2009 and has completed the audit for 2008.

According to Sharma, there have been some discrepancies raised in the past, but nothing reflecting the magnitude of the current allegations at NCN.    [more]

NCN scandal…Monies from cricket deal with NTN 69 missing

JUNE 12, 2012 | KNEWS

The scandal at the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) within the last few days has now expanded to include at least one other television station. There are also questions being asked how advertisers paid millions of dollars in cheques that were made out to high-ranking individuals attached to NCN to sponsor programmes. Kaieteur News i   [more]

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