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Guyana: The critical Muslim vote: Race and democracy – commentary

Guyana: The critical Muslim vote: Race and democracy
Published on January 31, 2015 – Caribbean News Now
By Ray Chickrie and Shabnam AlliThe Muslim minority of Sri Lanka’s electoral power was instrumental in the removal of the autocratic government of President Mahinda Rajapaksa who was accused of human rights abuse, intimidation of the press and disregard for minority rights in that country. With the announcement of Guyana’s poll on May 11, Guyana’s strong Muslim minority should take a lesson from what happened in Sri Lanka and vote their conscience instead of race and take stock of their social, economic and political space in Guyana.

Raymond Chickrie

They should know that Guyana will not always be governed by the Hindu Indian dominated Peoples Progressive Party (PPP). The Indian electorate of Guyana is dwindling due to mass migration. As well, more and more young Guyanese are not yoked to the ethnic voting pattern, nor do they subscribe to the one sided narrative of the Burnham era. Further, Guyanese are assimilating more now. Two young Guyanese tourists I met in Suriname some weeks ago remarked, “We don’t recall Burnham’s rule; let’s talk about the PPP who has been running the country since 1992.”
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