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Marriage in India – Love (and money) conquer caste

Marriage in India – Love (and money) conquer caste

More and more young Indians are choosing their own spouses

Indian weddings

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Sep 5th 2015 | MUMBAI | The Economist

HALF a dozen young technology workers are gathered around a table in south Mumbai. In between checking their smartphones, they describe an Indian social revolution of which they are in the vanguard. Marriage, one woman explains, is becoming freer and easier—“less stiff-necked”, as she puts it.

All have far more choice when it comes to picking a marriage partner than their parents knew: two of the women have even married men from another religion. The old-fashioned marriages that they see on television and in films seem deeply peculiar. “It’s a different world,” one says.   Continue reading

Cricket: The meaning of Sachin Tendulkar retirement

The meaning of Sachin

The impending retirement of India’s most famous cricketer warrants national introspection

Sachin TendulkarHOW do you cope in a world without God? That is the question Indian cricket fans (otherwise known as Indians) are asking after, on October 10th, Sachin Tendulkar announced that he would retire next month from international cricket.

Millions will remember where they were when they heard the news. Mr Tendulkar, a curly-haired and diminutive Mumbaikar, has long been known as the “God of cricket” in a country almost maniacally obsessed with the game. It really is hard for outsiders, especially those unschooled in the world’s greatest game (Banyan submits), to appreciate the huge extent of his appeal. When Mr Tendulkar walks out to bat for India, as he has 780 times, seething stadiums erupt, boiling over with cacophonous Sachin-love (as a means of identification, Mr Tendulkar’s surname has long been superfluous in India).  Continue reading

Cricket: Tendulkar to quit after 200th test

Tendulkar to quit after 200th test

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar

 Stabroek News – October 11, 2013 – Sports

MUMBAI,  (Reuters) – Indian Sachin Tendulkar, the world’s most prolific international run-scorer, will retire after playing his 200th test match at home against West Indies next month.

“All my life, I have had a dream of playing cricket for India. I have been living this dream every day for the last 24 years,” the 40-year-old, who compiled a record 100 international centuries, said in a statement released by the Indian cricket board (BCCI) on Thursday October 10, 2013.

“It’s hard for me to imagine a life without playing cricket because it’s all I have ever done since I was 11 years old.    Continue reading