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Guyana: The image of unity and balance – commentary

Guyana: The image of unity and balance

Jun 21, 2016  Kaieteur News Features / ColumnistsPeeping Tom 

Opinion - commentary -analysisThe government needs to remind itself, constantly, that it is a one seat government and that this one seat was only made possible because of the decision of the APNU and the AFC to join in a coalition to contest the elections of 2015.

The APNU needs to remind itself that while it is incontestable that it brought the most votes to the coalition that without the support of the AFC, it would not have been in government today.
It is important, from this perspective that the government continues to project a unified image. It is important that where APNU is seen, the AFC is also seen.

There is also the need to project a multi-ethnic image. The AFC helps to serve this purpose since it is believed that its presence in the coalition allowed sufficient numbers of East Indians to vote for the coalition to allow it to cross over the 50% mark and thus gain the Presidency.   Continue reading