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Guyana: Ramkarran, Gouveia, Shuman appointed as government advisors

The PPP/C government through the Office of the President, has announced the appointment of the following persons:-


The Office of the President is pleased to make the following announcements in relation to new appointments in the Government.

The following appointments are hereby made:
Capt. Gerald Gouveia – National Security Advisor to the President

Mr. Lenox Shuman – Advisor to the Minister of Public Works on Civil Aviation

Mr. Ralph Ramkarran – Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs on Border Issues.

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Guyana Politics: Political leadership and national stability – Commentary By Eusi Kwayana

… All are involved, all are consumed – By Eusi Kwayana – IN THE DIASPORA 

eusi Kwayana

– March 25, 2019 – Stabroek News

Is there any doubt that political leadership in Guyana as in other countries like Venezuela, Britain, India, Pakistan, Congo and Nigeria needs to be born again? I am closer to the situation in Guyana. A no confidence motion is nothing vicious – the traditional no confidence motion of December purported to end the Coalition, elected with its one seat majority in 2015. The Court of Appeal decision is now subject to a final judicial hearing before the Caribbean Court of Justice by the parties concerned.

In 2011, the one seat majority of the PPP/C dodged this procedure by not following an important parliamentary convention. Using statecraft, it avoided debate and instead prorogued the parliament without explanation for an uncomfortably long period. That government was defeated in 2015 by a coalition with another one-seat majority.          Continue reading

Diaspora wants what locals don’t have and don’t get – By Freddie Kissoon

Diaspora wants what locals don’t have and don’t get

A young agronomist invaded a local bank a few weeks ago with his gang to rob it and was killed by security personnel. The details of his life revealed that he was earning G$180,000 monthly (app US $900). When the Council of the University of Guyana terminated my contract in January 2016, I was earning G$182,000 after twenty-six consecutive years with no break.
For the three universities I attended with 26 years of service I earned two thousand dollars more than this young man. I think if he went on to achieve 26 years of service, he certainly would have ended up earning more than G$400,000. Yesu Persaud, a larger than life Guyanese icon, is a living witness.    Continue reading

The historic initiative of the AFC to build national unity ……. Nagamootoo letter

The historic initiative of the AFC to build national unity could pull us back from the brink

March 2, 2015 · By Stabroek News -Letter · Comments

Dear Editor,


Moses Nagamootoo

If Sri Lanka can do it, after years of fighting, so can we!

It is with some reluctance that I have decided to engage Mr. Hydar Ally after reading his letter captioned `The AFC has taken a big political gamble’ which appeared in the SN of February 27th.

Mr. Ally said that political analysts were of the view that the alliance with APNU could very well be the end of the AFC.

Well, Sir, for a political scientist you have taken too much liberty to pronounce the death sentence based on self-serving views of “political pundits”, all of whom I presume are “Chatrees”. I trust that you could find equally authoritative pronouncements by Dr. Cheddi (Joey) Jagan and Mr. Ralph Ramkarran, both of whom were PPP/C candidates in 2011, but who believe sincerely that a national coalition is the way to go.  Continue reading

Guyanese must stand up for Procurement Commission‏ – AFC

Guyanese must stand up for Procurement Commission‏ – AFC

 In light of Ramkarran’s statement

June 27th, 2013 -AFC Press Release  – The revelations by the former high ranking PPP/C executive member and sole nominee of the PPPC  for the position of speaker of the current parliament,  about the management of the country and the manner in which decisions are arrived at, by the Government in his article entitled the  Kleptocratic Republic of Guyana [article link], have confirmed the worst fears of the citizenry.

Mr. Ralph Ramkarran S.C. disclosed that at the apex of corruption in Guyana is, “a group of wealthy and influential businessmen who have high political connections.”

Most revealing in his disclosure was the following; “They have access through their political connections, to information on potential opportunities that are likely to emerge in the near to medium term and  are in a position to make investments now as to cash in on those opportunities down the road. The PPP leadership is supported and financed by all these groups and state decisions are influenced by their interests.”  Continue reading

PPPC hate speech in Guyana Chronicle Editorial should be rejected …

PPPC hate speech in Guyana Chronicle Editorial should be rejected by all citizens – commentary by Brutal Facts

The Guyana Chronicle editorial on July 3rd  (see below), allowed us a peek into the mindset of the ruling PPPC party. As evidence of corruption continues to be revealed, citizens of Guyana are slowly realizing how they have been disenfranchised by this cabal for the past 19 years. Every dollar stolen from the Guyana treasury is a dollar taken away from better roads, improved education, running water, crime, healthcare, more jobs and government’s ability to carry out their mandate of improving the lives of Guyanese citizens through development.

The corruption is so pervasive and the leaders so entitled that they display an unapologetic boldness in revealing the spoils of their nefarious activities. From the ever growing concrete mansions to the multiple North American vacations, to the luxury cars, multiple foreign and local investments to the ongoing acquisition of prime properties in Guyana, the corruption continues unabated; So much so that the latest defector from the PPPC party, Mr Ralph Ramkarran exhausted himself fighting against this tide. He simply gave up and walked away.  Continue reading

Corruption has Donald Ramotar cornered – commentary

Corruption has Donald Ramotar cornered

JUNE 19, 2012 | BY  | EDITORIAL

Over time the people of this country have been hearing about their corrupt government. For example, there was talk that Forbes Burnham had stolen so much money that he was the fifth richest person in the world. The accusers quoted Forbes Magazine. Those were the days when information contained in foreign magazines was not readily available.

It turned out that there was never such a publication. Today, more than 25 years after Burnham’s death there is no evidence that he was ever a wealthy man. President Cheddi Jagan came to power with a pledge to run a lean and clean government. And he was true to his word. He caused his government to import pharmaceuticals when a local supplier turned out to be fleecing his government. Suffice it to say that that local supplier is once more the major supplier of pharmaceuticals to the government.      Continue reading

An argument as to why there may be another general election – Freddie Kissoon

An argument as to why there may be another general election


Mr. Ralph Ramkarran is in the news again. He was silent after the selection of Donald Ramotar as the PPP’s Presidential entry for the 2011 General Elections. Now he has re-appeared with frequency in the Chronicle- the very Chronicle that the Parliament needs as a matter of urgency to reorganize so that others apart from PPP personnel like Ramkarran can be read in the state-owned paper.

Interesting to note is that many of Ramkarran’s pieces in his party’s newspaper, the Mirror, turn up in the Chronicle. It was Ramkarran’s party, when in Opposition, that quarreled about the practice of paramountcy of the party under former President Forbes Burnham. Once Mr. Ramkarran returned to public discourse, the national anticipation was that he would explain how and why the PPP chose acclamation over voting in its Executive Committee to select Mr. Ramotar. It would have meant at the last minute, right at the very meeting, Mr. Ramkarran declined to compete.

There were two interesting points that Mr. Ramkarran made last week. When you contextualize them and place them alongside two given facts (Ramkarran is a member of the leading organ of the PPP, the Executive Committee and he is writing openly in support of the new hierarchy in the PPP since the election) then one can see where the PPP is heading. Continue reading