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Shaheed “Roger” Khan and Ed Ahmad likely to testify against NY State Senator

Shaheed “Roger” Khan and Ed Ahmad likely to testify against New York State Senator


Sen. John Sampson

Sunday, 24 May 2015 12:04 – Written by  Demerara Waves

 Reproduced from New York Post

Guyanese death squad drug lord ; Jagdeo’s friend Ed Ahmad likely to testify against New York State Senator

One was the drug-trafficking leader of a South American death squad. The other is a former airline baggage handler now serving a life sentence for drug running.

Shaheed “Roger” Khan and Victor Bourne are just a few in a rogue’s gallery of possible witnesses whose stories or testimony will figure into the upcoming trial of Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson. Continue reading

Ed Ahmad pleads guilty to mortgage fraud in NY. + other stories

Guyanese Businessman Ed Ahmad admits guilt and could face 10 years in prison – read Capitol News Report video


Guyanese Ed Ahmad pleads guilty to mortgage fraud in New York court  – Also read other Ed Ahmad stories at the end

Demerara Waves October 10, 2012

Ed Ahmad

New York-based Realtor, Ed Ahmad on Wednesday, October 10, pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud and could face up to 13 years imprisonment.

Ahmad, who was indicted on a US$50 million mortgage fraud, handed in his guilty plea at 12:08 (New York time), less than one month after he entered a plea bargain. Continue reading

Ed Ahmad’s Trial postponed to November 2012

Will Ed Ahmad’s Case Ever Get To Trial?

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 25, 2012:

Edul “Ed” Ahmad

First May now November. That’s the new possible date set for the trial of Guyanese entrepreneur and real estate mogul, Edul ‘Ed’ Ahmad.

Ahmad, 44, was set to face a trial on May 21 for participating in a mortgage fraud scheme in which he and others fraudulently obtained more than $50 million in loans. Now it looks like he may have to wait until after Nov. 5th.

The self-made real estate magnate, who drove a yellow Lamborghini, hosted many events at his banquet hall and advertised prominently in Richmond Hill and South Ozone Park is charged with charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud and 10 counts of bank fraud.  Continue reading

Ed Ahmad is accused of bringing immigrants’ ruin

Ed Ahmad is accused of bringing immigrants’ ruin

Demerara Waves – January 9, 2012

NEW YORK TIMES- For years, a self-made real estate magnate named Edul Ahmad personified the collective dreams of Richmond Hill, Queens, which is populated by many immigrants from Guyana, in South America. Mr. Ahmad drove a yellow Lamborghini, sponsored a cricket team and held white-glove parties at a lavish banquet hall that he owned.

At a prominent intersection near the border of Richmond Hill and South Ozone Park, his smiling face looked down from a large billboard that promoted his real estate services. Many residents responded, taking out high-risk mortgages that they were told they could readily afford.

In July, it all came crashing down. Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Mr. Ahmad, charging him with masterminding a $50 million mortgage fraud that seemed to exemplify a nationwide phenomenon of celebrated immigrant brokers who were accused of preying on their own.  read more

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Jagdeo defends purchases from Ahmad, tax-waivers

Written by Demerara Waves
Sunday, 21 August 2011

                                       President Bharrat Jagdeo

President Bharrat Jagdeo’s office has defended sourcing 29 tons of building materials from his friend, New York realtor Ed Ahmad, who has been indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigators for fraud.

“It is widely known and established that Mr. Ahmad is a businessman.  The shipment was of goods bought by the president for his personal use and consigned to the president,” the Office of the President said in a statement.  Continue reading

FBI indicts President Jagdeo’s friend – Ed Ahmad

FBI indicts President Jagdeo’s friend- Ed Ahmad  
Written by Demerara Waves
Friday, 19 August 2011 17:04
ed-ahmadA federal grand jury in Brooklyn has returned an indictment charging the defendant Edul Ahmad with participating in a mortgage fraud scheme in which he and others fraudulently obtained more than $50 million in loans, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said Friday August 19, 2011..

President Bharrat Jagdeo has acknowledged being Ahmad’s friend for several years now. And Presidential candidate for the Alliance For Change (AFC), Khemraj has publicly admitted introducing Ahmad to the governing Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) several years ago. Both local politicians have basically said that if he has committed a crime he must face the law. The PPP has publicly denied that Ahmad has not helped to finance the 2011 general election campaign.

Continue reading