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GUYANA: Indigenous Artist and Regional Development Officer – Anil Roberts – is a ‘Special Person’

 Sep 19, 2021 Kaieteur News – By Rehanyna Ramsa

Anil Roberts

Championing the cause of Guyana’s first peoples…

“To experience the culture there [in the Rupununi] and the position I am in today at the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, which is to be able to help my fellow Amerindian brothers and sisters within the villages on governance, project development, and support is what I view as great.”

At any successful entity or corporation, it is common knowledge that hiring the right people for the job produces better results for achieving the desired end.

For this week’s ‘Special Person,’ this certainly proves true. As someone who is always championing the cause of the indigenous peoples as an artist and Principal Regional Development Officer (PRDO) attached to the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, Anil Roberts is constantly striving towards preserving and advocating for their rights, culture and heritage.

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MASH 2013 – Digicel dominates Mash float parade

Digicel dominates Mash float parade

February 26, 2013 by  – GINA
Following Saturday’s Mashramani float parade which saw a total of 30 bands competing under the theme “Reflecting Creativity, Embracing Diversity’s, the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport announced the results this evening.
The Banks DIH individual float which earned them Queen.

The Banks DIH individual float which earned them Queen.

The parade was a huge success as bands competed in the following category; costume and band parade-individual (king and queen, male and female), full and semi costume (large, medium and small), floats (commercial and non-commercial) and regional (full costume and individual) with depictions keeping in line with the theme.         Continue reading

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