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S.O.C.U secures conviction… Extradited GRDB accountant gets 3 years for fraud

Peter Ramcharran,

Almost one year after being extradited from Canada to face fraud allegations amounting to G$414M, former accountant of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), Peter Ramcharran, was yesterday sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. He was found guilty on one of the charges.

This is one of the first major convictions for the Special Organised Crime Unit (SSOCU), an arm of the Guyana Police Force, which instituted the charges against him.

Ramcharran was found guilty as charged by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan for omitting G$145M from the rice entity’s ledger.

The Chief Magistrate in giving a synopsis of her ruling held that SOCU Prosecutor Patrice Henry was able to prove all the elements of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt.              Continue reading

Antigua: Sweet Potato- and Cassava-Based Businesses Started

Antigua & Barbuda Banking on Sweet Potato- and Cassava-Based Businesses to Boost Economic Activity

Bread baking using cassava

ST JOHN’S, Antigua, Thursday February 21, 2019 – Antigua and Barbuda is banking on sweet potato and cassava as alternatives that could reduce its high import bill, through value added production in these chains, which will revitalize the economy.

Through a training initiative, nutrition teachers, NGO staff at the national level, staff from the local prison and members of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs (MoAFBA) of this country were recently instructed in the preparation of bread, using these two root crops.  Continue reading

Broader probe underway of GRA duty-free scam

Broader probe underway of GRA duty-free scam

 Stabroek staff On May 22, 2012 Comments

A scam at the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) now under wider investigation entailed the creation of bogus letters from government agencies requesting duty-free concessions on expensive vehicles and the subsequent forging of signatures of top GRA officials.

Sources say that one of the two junior officers implicated has admitted forging at least 20 duty-free letters for vehicles and the taxes lost run into tens of millions. Three other employees have since been identified as masterminds and the scam may have been running for two years now.  Continue reading

Floods – Latest rains exceeded entire February amount in some locations

Floods – Latest rains exceeded entire February amount in some locations – Agri Ministry

(Demerara Waves) – February 29, 2012 –   Comments

The heavy rains over the last 24 hours exceeded the amount of rainfall expected for the whole of February for most locations across the coast, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

In a release Wednesday the ministry said rainfall fell in excess of more than 120mm in most locations.

“Please note that the rainfall in the 24 hours Feb 28 into Feb 29 exceeded the amount of rainfall expected for the whole of Feb for most locations. For example Georgetown average 92 mm of rainfall in Feb, but on Feb 28/29, Georgetown experienced rainfall of 129 mm.”

The highest recorded rainfall for last 24 hours was 156.2 mm which was reported at Supenaam Forestry in Region 2, it added.

Flood conditions have been reported in Regions Three, Four and Six in areas such as Windsor Forest, Canals Polder, Blankenburg, Parika, Naamryck (Region Three), Greenfield, Beehive, Anns Grove, Hope, (ECD), Little Diamond, Herstelling (EBD) and Black Bush Polder (Region Six). Continue reading

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