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Medical Research: Averting Black Fate—-Setting  the Record straight – By Yvonne Sam

Averting Black Fate—-Setting  the Record straight.

By Yvonne Sam

Long history of U. S Blacks being at the receiving end of medical abuse disguised as research.

Currently in modern day America there exists within the Black community an increasing trepidation and wariness with any type of health care provider and especially when they are taking something from the black population. Notably the Tuskegee experiment and other reported abuses against African American have contributed to Black people steering clear of medical research projects http://time.com/3208886/whistleblower-claims-cdc-covered-up-data-showing-vaccine-autism-link.

Now in an attempt to overcome this deepening incertitude the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, is if only to reach its goal of gathering a diverse group of participants in South Florida engaged in a massive medical research study called “All of Us.” The latter-mentioned is the service mark of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and is a more vendible and trafficable name for what is known in the medical industry as precision medicine initiative http://med.miami.edu/news/miller-school-and-collaborators-in-nih-all-of-us-research-program-awarded-4.       Continue reading

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