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Marijuana: Weed gets a break in St. Vincent, Jamaica and Antigua

BY BERT WILKINSON – Caribbean Life News. NY

Three Caribbean Community countries which have been pioneering the region’s new approach to marijuana have in the past week taken significant steps to either reform legislation or to recognize medical products from the cannabis sativa sector as the three indirectly mount pressure on neighbors to follow their paths.

While Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving Day, lawmakers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines were engaged in a final round of parliamentary debates paving the way for the establishment of a medical marijuana industry on the archipelago with the Grenadines group of smaller islands.     Continue reading

Is the legalisation of marijuana in Trinidad and Tobago an ‘idea whose time has come’? – commentary

Is the legalisation of marijuana in Trinidad and Tobago an ‘idea whose time has come’?
Published on July 20, 2017 – Flora Thomas on Global Voices

Marijuana plant

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — Even as many parts of the world move towards the decriminalisation of marijuana, Trinidad and Tobago still considers its cultivation and use illegal.

As early as 2014, activists in neighbouring regional territories were agitating for the “freeing up” of the herb. By February 2015, Jamaica became the first Caribbean nation to decriminalise marijuana when its House of Representatives passed a law allowing possession of up to two ounces of cannabis. The new legislation also allows users to grow up to five plants for personal consumption, and guidelines are being established for the cultivation and distribution of both medical marijuana and use of the herb for religious ceremonies.     Continue reading

Caribbean Graphic – Sept 16 Edition is now available

Caribbean Graphic – Sept 16 Edition is now available

Current Edition highlights
Click here to get the Sept 16 2015 online edition. Click here for the Sept. 16 2015 PDF version, best for offline reading.

Granger’s Guyana Seeking Economic Independence

Remarking that his country can be found on two continents, because “25% of us live in South America while the other 75% live in North America,” Guyana’s President David Arthur Granger, told a Toronto love-in audience of approximately 700 Guyanese Canadians that his new Government was committed to pursuing economic independence for the country in the immediate future.

President Granger, who’s Toronto return was the fulfillment of a promise made during his pre-Election visit last April, told the September 12 Gala Dinner audience that his government is committed to diversifying the country’s economy to make it less reliant on its traditional exports of raw national resources such as sugar, rice, gold and timber. Continue reading

Caribbean awaits debate on decriminalization of medicinal marijuana

Caribbean awaits debate on decriminalization of medicinal marijuana

image A report by a group of experts supports the argument that decriminalizing marijuana and exploring its use for medicinal purposes could help boost sluggish regional economies.

Kenton X. Chance

KINGSTOWN, St Vincent, Monday March 10, 2014, CMC – Randy Delplesche, 27, is unemployed. But over the past few weeks he has “earned” EC$60,000 (One EC dollar = US$0.37 cents) from the illegal marijuana trade.

He is among those Caribbean nationals anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Inter-Sessional summit that begins here on Monday where the issue of decriminalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes would have been discussed.

Delplesche does not hide the fact that he too favours regional governments agreeing to decriminalize the drug for medical purposes.

“I think it is a good vibes,” he told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), adding “no work is going on in the country, so we have to look to do something else. That is the only thing we can do and make a little money.”

A report by a group of experts supports the argument by Delplesche that decriminalizing marijuana and exploring its use for medicinal purposes could help boost the sluggish economies of Caribbean countries.   Continue reading

US Marijuana Lobby sets Sights on Full Legalization

US Marijuana Lobby sets Sights on Full Legalization

marijuana cannabis plantSince the U.S. states of Colorado and Washington fully legalized marijuana via ballot initiatives in the November 2012 elections, efforts to medicalise, decriminalize, or legalize marijuana at the state level are sprouting up like so many hemp stalks on a sunny day.

Eighteen out of 50 U.S. states now allow medical marijuana, used to help cancer patients and others, and 15 others have decriminalized it, meaning that possession is a civil offence that carries no jail time.                  Continue reading

The Best Marijuana Documentary (Canadian) – video

The Best Marijuana Documentary (Canadian)

Here is a very comprehensive look at the question of marijuana; its history; its myths; the “war on drugs” where marijuana is highest on the list; the realities of increasing marijuana use in North America and increased incarceration (more prisons); the open use of marijuana in Canada; the large marijuana industry in British Columbia Canada; the many vested interests, from growers to prison builders and the legal profession, that want no change in the laws as they profit from it.  Most of all it highlights  the pressure on politicians by pharmaceutical companies who know of the medicinal properties of cannabis, but  since they cannot make money on it they resist the idea of legalizing medical marijuana since it would reduce their profits  –  very educational.  Below are two comments from viewers in the USA.               Continue reading

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