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AFC calls on Government to charge corrupt NCN officials

AFC calls on Government to bring about charges against corrupt NCN officials

Months after allegations of fraud were uncovered at the state-owned and controlled, NCN the Government is still to take criminal action and this is worrying the Alliance for Change.

Moses Nagamootoo,Vice President of the AFC, called on the Government to act and bring charges against the corrupt officials.                  Continue reading

Leaked NCN report says…No evidence GT&T was billed ….

Leaked NCN report says…No evidence GT&T was billed for production of Jingle competition

 AUGUST 16, 2012 | BY KNEWS |

Investigations at the National Communications Network (NCN) by an appointed auditor in June to probe allegations of financial irregularities found that despite several weeks of production work on GT&T’s Jingle and Song Competition, the state-owned entity did not even bill their client and as a result did not receive millions of dollars owed.
NCN had been hired to record and edit the shows, broadcast them, and air the advertisements on both its radio and network of television channels.

It was these same production costs which the auditor found that Production Manager, Martin Goolsarran, submitted an invoice in his personal name and home address and collected $3,930,000 and later deposited to his personal bank account.  [more]

 Leaked NCN report says…Difficult to verify how much money was being made

 AUGUST 15, 2012 | BY KNEWS |  –    ads aired, clients not billed

A damning report into fraud allegations at the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) has unearthed shocking details of how poorly kept records made it difficult for auditors to verify how much money was actually being made.   [more]

Leaked report highlights several problems with the way the state owned tv station was being managed  – video

Mohamed `Fuzzy’ Sattaur resigns from NCN

Mohamed `Fuzzy’ Sattaur resigns from NCN

 Stabroek News – June 29, 2012

Mohamed Sattaur

Chief Executive Officer of the state broadcaster, NCN, Mohammed Sattaur has resigned and the Programme Manager, Martin Goolsarran has been suspended for eight weeks following investigations into financial irregularities at the company.

“I offered my resignation to the minister of information (President Donald Ramotar) and he accepted…I felt that reports in the press had affected the image of NCN so I resigned,” Sattaur told Stabroek News in a brief comment when contacted today,  June 29, 2012             Continue reading

NCN financial scandal – Sattaur and Goolsarran to know fate soon

NCN financial scandal – Sattaur and Goolsarran to know fate soon

June 28, 2012 | By KNews

President Donald Ramotar and the Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS)  are considering strong recommendations from the Board of Directors of the National Communications Network concerning massive financial irregularities uncovered at the state owned broadcasting company.

Kaieteur News understands that the recommendations stem from the report from a specially appointed private audit firm following revelations of financial improprieties that surfaced earlier this month.  The revelations centered on the payment of millions of dollars by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph company to NCN for work done by the staff.   [more]

NCN scandal…Goolsarran admits depositing millions

NCN scandal…Goolsarran admits depositing millions$$$ into personal bank account


Investigations into the major scandal at the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN)

Embattled NCN Programme Manager, Martin Goolsarran

have revealed shocking details of how one senior official collected millions of dollars in cheques from an advertiser and placed it into his personal bank account.
The disclosure was made by suspended Programme Manager, Martin Goolsarran, in a report earlier this week to the NCN Board of Directors, well placed sources have confirmed.
Last Friday, Goolsarran, a longstanding broadcaster, was suspended amidst revelations that monies were collected for NCN and never placed in the bank accounts of that entity.   [more]

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