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USA Presidential Elections 2016 – Reports for 15 March 2016- BBC News

USA Presidential Elections 2016 – Report on polls for 15 March 2016

USA - VOTEKey Points

  • Donald Trump wins decisively in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina
  • Hillary Clinton solidifies lead with wins in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and North Carolina
  • Ohio Governor John Kasich defeats Mr Trump in his home state
  • Florida Senator Marco Rubio bows out of race after heavy defeat
  • Missouri vote still too close to call for both Republicans and Democrats 

 Read more: http://www.bbc.com/news/live/election-us-2016-35404043

The GOP Started the Fire With Which Trump Is Burning Down Their House

The GOP Started the Fire With Which Trump Is Burning Down Their House

His resounding Nevada win highlights the N.Y. billionaire’s hypnotic, hate-filled spell over angry white people, and his disturbing promises to make the nation great again.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

by Chemi ShalevHaaretz:

In the seven and a half years since they lost the White House in 2008, Republican leaders have been wary of their voters’ rage and have thus tried to stoke it in their favour. With the assistance of the all-powerful broadcasters of right-wing media, they have savaged the evil administration, stirred resentment, incited against minorities and immigrants and portrayed an enfeebled America that has been brought to its knees. They poured more and more fuel on the fire, until Donald Trump came in to spread the flames, in their direction as well. Dumbstruck, they are now helpless as he burns down their house.   Continue reading

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