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ART: Ron Savory: A Guyanese quest – Moray House Presentation – By Alim Hosein

Ron Savory 1933-2019

of the interesting things about Ron Savory is that while he was an active artist, and an innovator in Guyanese painting, very little critical work has been done on him. This is true of all Guyanese artists, but some have received scholarly attention in Guyana and even abroad, such as Stanley Greaves, Philip Moore, and Aubrey Williams.         

Savory felt this lack of recognition, as his niece Denise Savory-Archer wrote in a posthumous tribute to him in 2019: “He always spoke of the lack of appreciation for his art throughout the Caribbean.      Continue reading

Guyana Speaks – London. UK – 28 January 2018

Download Flyer: Guyana Speaks – London- 28 January 2018

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May I firstly wish you all the best for 2018 and trust that you had a very enjoyable festive season!      

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Groundings: “Guyana Speaks – Guyana, Yesterday & Today” – By Eric. L. Huntley

commentaryGUYANA SPEAKS  (more info at end)

Sunday 29 January 2017 – Eric. L. Huntley

Groundings: “Guyana Speaks – Guyana, Yesterday & Today”

My brief today is to speak about what is known about the term “Ole Time Story”. There is a ditty which goes like this:

“Every time I remember ol’ time story, water come a meh eye.”
Now, I imagine that listeners would expect some social commentary to be contained in the stories which would have been shared by many of the same generation.

Many of the memories also border on one’s living experiences which may or may not have any social content. However, I look forward to the sharing of memories with those who may have had similar experiences while at the same time shedding some light on the mores and practices which have contributed towards making all of us who we are today.    Continue reading

For the Price of One! Corsbie, Jailall, Farrier – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

For the Price of One! Corsbie, Jailall, Farrier – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine


Some members of the ‘3 Ah We’ program in Brooklyn, New York.

‘The Seawall in Guyana is extremely important,’ says Ken Corsbie, ‘ because a quarter of the population was conceived there!’ Ken Corsbie was in his element. The Sunday afternoon crowd in Brooklyn was prepared to be entertained and Corsbie was working his magic.

There was this one about the School Inspector in Arima, Trinidad.  As he entered the class the teacher asked the students, ‘ who knocked down the walls of Jericho?’ Now this was no ordinary question. One student said it wasn’t him, why would he knock down the walls of Jericho? The Inspector and Principal couldn’t agree on how to discipline the student. When the Inspector kept insisting that the student must know who broke down the wall of Jericho the Principal decided to step in and save the day. He said, ‘ Okay, tell me how much the wall cost and I will pay for it!’   Continue reading

Marc Matthews: Poet, actor, storyteller – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Marc Matthews: Poet, actor, storyteller

By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

If you ask Marc Matthews where he was born you would get a colorful excursion into the culture of the rural countryside. Marc chuckles as he describes his birth. ‘I was born in Georgetown hospital because I wanted to be near my mother. As soon I was born she wanted to be near her father and her sister up in Buxton. As soon as we got to Buxton my father said he is going to New Amsterdam.

So we all went to Rosignol and the next thing we know we ended up in Fyrish.’ Marc says that he spent the fi rst fi ve years in Buxton and then the family went to Fyrish before moving to Georgetown. Marc recalls that his dad Rev. Pat Matthews and his mom Una Matthews were hard working persons like so many other families. Continue reading

First Rupununi Music, Arts Festival a big success

A section of the audience at the Rupununi Music and Arts Festival being entertained

A section of the audience at the Rupununi Music and Arts Festival being entertained

First Rupununi Music, Arts Festival a big success

Saturday, 15 February 2014  (CND )  The three-day Rupununi Music and Arts Festival had an auspicious start at the Rock View Lodge in the Annai community of Region Nine on Friday.  It was formally opened by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, who commended the organisers for launching an event that brought performers from across the world to Guyana’s interior.

He said that tourism has been identified as a sector that can foster development by attracting overseas visitors to experience the unique flora and fauna. To this end, new airlines and the expansion of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport are in train to take advantage of the new opportunities available, along with the construction of the soon to be opened Marriott Hotel, the Prime Minister said.   Continue reading

Wooden cultural iconic edifices of Georgetown – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Houses of culture: Wooden cultural iconic edifices of Georgetown

Stabroek News – August 19, 2008 – In Guyana Review

Francis Quamina Farrier reflects on three of Georgetown’s wooden buildings and their impact on the shaping of contemporary Guyanese culture.

Some buildings talk; at least they talk to me. If you want to hear their stories you have to listen carefully. Sometimes you  have to touch them in order to absorb their treasure troves of information.

Ken CorsbieThree of Georgetown’s wooden structures come  to mind. They have myriad stories to tell and they have told me some of those stories.  Each of these three buildings lay legitimate claim to being a catalyst for CARIFESTA.

First, there is the Taitt Family home on Quamina Street, now The Cara Lodge. Then there is the home of Dr. Singh on Lamaha Street.. The third building is the City Hall.  Continue reading

Ken’s Choice #47 – Band of Brothers

Ken’s Choice #47 – Band of Brothers

—by Ken Corsbie – September 1, 2010.

“Our Lifetime Achievement 2010 award goes to Joseph “Reds” Perreira….. He has shown lifelong cultural attributes that Guyanese admire, honor and preserve”  –  The GUYANA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION, NY.

There are people you meet along the way that become lifelong friends. Each one nudged you along unexpected paths, and who remain joyfully influential and supportive throughout the journey.

At the risk of others feeling “left out”, I choose to name just five who I can unreservedly call “Brothers” – all of them beginning this remarkable journey with me forty or more years ago.

This thought was brought home over the past few weeks of e-mail and Skype contact with them for the same but different reasons.

– the Lifetime ….  It culminated with the above notice Achievement 2010 Award to the one of the most public and iconic sports activists of the Caribbean. A man who started upriver, but somehow steered through many whitewater rapids, “the tangled opinions of life” (Walcott), to reach the wide wide sea and experience some of the wonders of the world.  My Brother Nr.1 of the day……His adventurous and inspirational story is revealed for the first time in the pages of his recently published “LIVING MY DREAMS”.

Read full article here…. KEN’S CHOICE – BAND OF BROTHERS

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