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By Dmitri Allicock

When I was a child in the 1960s most fruits cost one cent or a penny. There was a song of the time that said, “Mango ripe! Mango sweet! I want a penny to buy,” (repeat). That was very true of the times as most of us can remember. Sucking a juicy spice mango that ran down your elbow was a trade mark of the school children at Wismar or Mackenzie market place. A coconut base Salara, Bun or Biscuit and a very large cup of delicious Mauby to wash it down was five cents.

Fruits are always in abundance in the homes of the Guyanese. Native Fruits are seasonal but the varieties available ensure a ready supply at all times. Like most of Guyana’s flora, most fruits availability is also accordingly to the difference of the soil and its formation around the country, as each of these regions has distinct plants association and variation. Indigenous fruits of the highlands are less common and may not be seen in the coastal areas of Guyana.

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