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Which Foreign Language Should I Learn? – Rosaliene Bacchus

Another excellent blog entry by Rosaliene Bacchus.

Three Worlds One Vision

Takutu Bridge linking Guyana and BrazilTakutu Bridge linking Guyana and Brazil
Source: Stabroek News


Before Guyana gained its independence from Great Britain in May 1966, we knew more about Britain than we did about our own country. In high school, we studied British history and literature. Until the publication of Geography of Guyana by Guyanese Professor Leslie P. Cummings in 1965, we had no geography textbook on Guyana. In Form I, our first French and Latin classes began with the conjugation of the verb to love.

Although located on the mainland of South America, Guyana remained an island of English-speaking people on a continent dominated by Spanish and Portuguese. Learning French guaranteed our isolation from our continental neighbors.

After Guyana gained its independence, high school students had the option of choosing between French and Spanish. Latin lost its relevance for our new nation.

While I never had the chance to show off my…

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