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AFRICA: Why France faces so much anger in West Africa – “Neo-colonial arrogance” – BBC News

By Paul Melly – Africa analyst – Published

It all started so positively. Where have things gone wrong? Why does France now appear so unpopular in Africa?

French President Emmanuel Macron has increased aid to the continent, begun the return of cultural artefacts stolen during the colonial wars and reached out beyond the usual inter-government ties to engage younger generations and civil society.

He has kept French troops in the Sahel to fight the jihadist militants that kill so many local civilians, police and soldiers and supported the regional bloc Ecowas as it tries to defend electoral politics against military takeovers.

Yet his country is now the target of embittered African complaints and criticism on a scale that is probably unprecedented.     

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Bless us, Mothers, as we falter – by Rura

Bless us, Mothers, as we falter

by Rura

Young girls are the only promise
of an Earth future as we know it
of a human voluntary Mothers’ pool
the most precious pool planet-wide

May 9 at 2 a.m. I had no verse
for Mothers’ day.
The hour I woke I set aside the work to vindicate the martyr, Walter
to add voice to the world wide cry
to save the Mothers’ Pool of Life in Africa
a pool made free and voluntary by Women’s resistance.
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Timbuktu – city of legends – BBC feature

Timbuktu – city of legends

Camels in Timbuktu

Camel caravans used to carry gold across the Sahara

     By the BBC’s Joan Baxter 
    Timbuktu, northern Mali
The fabled city of Timbuktu is not a myth – it does indeed exist – in northern Mali, on the edge of the Sahara desert.

  These days, it pretty much lives up to its reputation as “the end of the world” but once upon a time, it was the centre of important trade routes.  Muslim merchants took gold north from West Africa to Europe and the Middle East and returned with salt and other goods.  [Read more]

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