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Nostalgia 372 – The Fabulous Fifties in Guyana – By Godfrey Chin

Nostalgia 372 – The Fabulous Fifties in Guyana – By Godfrey Chin

Updated in 2008 by the late Godfrey Chin 1937-2012

With Guyana celebrating it’s 42nd Anniversary of Independence, May 26 .. I share this Nostalgia as a ‘stimulant’ to these ‘topsy-turvy times’. Lets meet at LasLapLime, Toronto , Canada where my Pictorial Exhibition – of 1001 Guyana Delights – will be featured. Please introduce yourself. Ya think it easy!………GODc.

Nostalgia 372 – The Fabulous Fifties in Guyana.

Godfrey Chin Website Link

Godfrey Chin – “Nostalgias”

By Godfrey Chin

“It was the Best of Times”. My great Grandfather boasted this at the commencement of the last century, when for $1.50 he bought his family house rations for a week. Now at the dawn of this new Millennium, my three sons with their streaming high tech ‘Blackberry,’ relish their times as ‘the best.’

On the contrary – every generation looks upon their times ‘and wonder what the ‘world is coming to’. Yet every generation survives – for the next – to wring their hands in turn – a few decades later.  Mankind’s ingenuity always overcomes.

For me a Nostalgia Buff, I choose the Fabulous Fifties as the best of times in Guyana – these last hundred years. Isn’t it quite a coincidence that ‘this was the Centerfold Decade’ – a period when most of the Guyanese foremost Icons and Professionals today, were just completing their Public/Secondary education – and  everlasting footprints were already being ‘carved’.   Continue reading

Country above Self – letter by Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh

Dear Editor,  [letter by Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh]

Retired Major General Joseph Singh

Retired Major General Joseph Singh

Country above Self

In February 2013, a few days after the shooting by ‘youth men’ of Mr Oscar Clarke, General Secretary of the People’s National Congress in his home at Plum Park, Sophia, I wrote two letters to the Editor and in one of these (February 5, 2013) I stated:

“Times have changed. Institutions that were working at the time of Independence were retooled, politicised and centralised and we the people became alienated from grass roots structures (such as Village Councils) because most were unrepresentative of communities. Citizens then spent more time looking after themselves and those with resources created their own safe havens, in splendid isolation from the realities of community life – the infiltration by narco-traffickers, the rise of truancy among youth, the increasing incidence of absentee fathers, the dilemma of mothers who, by default, became the breadwinners of the family, the deteriorating infrastructure because of ‘fly by night contractors’, and the rise of subcultures that attracted the youth men and women”.  Continue reading

Tribute to Retd Deputy Comm of Police, Derrick Thompson – by Maj.Gen. Joseph Singh

Tribute to Retired Deputy Commissioner of Police, Derrick Odessa Thompson, DSM – 1938 – 2013

By:  Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh MSS

Derrick Thompson

Derrick Thompson

Deacon Henry Chester DSM –Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Pastor Olsen Small, Members of the Clergy of the Smith Memorial Congregational Church, wife Thelma – Derrick’s tower of strength for 38 years, their six children and fifteen grandchildren, and family and friends of Derrick, we are here to honour a man who was a Patriot, a professional Police Officer and Leader, an efficient Manager, a dedicated family man, a servant of this church, and a loyal friend to many. I feel very privileged to have been asked by his family to give this Tribute to the memory of a wonderful human being whom I have known and worked with for over 40 years.

Derrick was born in 1938, on the eve of the commencement of the Second World War in 1939. We can visualize how challenging it would have been for his parents to bring up a child during a period of world-wide conflict during those war years 1939-1945. A time of scarcity, deprivation, tensions and fear. But we know the lengths to which parents and extended family in those days would have gone to nurture the young Derrick – investing in his health and education, creating a conducive home environment and instilling those values that provided the foundation for his outstanding career.    Continue reading

The Wonderful Demerara River By Maj. Gen. (retd) Joseph G Singh

The Wonderful Demerara River

By Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh MSS, MSc, FRGS

Borsselen Island in the Demerara River

Borsselen Island in the Demerara River

The Demerara River – origin of its name, its profile and its significance

The early Spanish explorers referred to this river as ‘Rio de Mirar’, the wonderful river, but it was the Dutch who christened the river, the Demerara, from the word ‘Demirar’, the wonderful.[1]

The wonderful Demerara River originates from the rugged, rain-fed, forested northern slopes of the Makari Mountains, located slightly right of centre of the narrow waist of Guyana.  Continue reading

The Guyana National Service – commentary


Born in controversy in 1974, the Guyana National Service was dismantled in controversy in 2000. Today, the debate seems never to have gone away.

National Service pioneers on the march

On the one hand, speaking at a community meeting at Den Amstel in August 2005, President Bharrat Jagdeo said that questions continue to be asked about why the national service was dissolved. He answered “I think we need to get more of our young people into business, not only to get them into a military-type training organisation. We need to give them entrepreneurial skills. Let them become the businessmen of the future…If you put them back into the national service, the focus tends to be more marching and walking etc. I want them to learn to read a balance sheet or how to manage money or learn some skill.”     Continue reading

Georgetown Technical Institute – address by MG (retd) Joseph G Singh

Georgetown Technical Institute

Address at the 61st Graduation Exercise  at the National Cultural Centre on Thursday, November 22, 2012

by Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh

Madam Chairperson, Chairman of the GTI and GITC Board of Governors, Members of the Board of Governors, Principal and Staff of the GTI, Assistant Chief Education Officer (Technical),Distinguished Officials, Invitees and Representatives of the Media, successful Graduands, Good evening. I am honored to have been invited to this graduation ceremony and to have been asked to deliver this Feature Address. I do so with great pleasure.

This graduation ceremony is the culmination of one year of successful study on the part of the Graduands of the Certificate Programmes and of two years for those graduating from the Diploma programmes. It acknowledges the year or two years of sacrifice by parents and guardians of the Graduands; one or two years of support by the taxpaying citizens who contribute to the revenues of Guyana from which allocations are made to this Institute; and, the periods for which partnership arrangements were sustained by those sponsors who have invested in specific programmes or generously supported the Institute.    Continue reading

Tribute to Godfrey Chin (1937-2012) – M.G. Joe Singh

Tribute to Winfield Godfrey Chin (1937- 2012)

 By Major General (retd) Joseph G Singh

I am honored to have been invited to pay this Tribute to a man I was privileged to have as a friend for many years. Winfield Godfrey Chin was a man of many talents. I was fortunate to see and marvel at his creativity, to learn from tapping into his prodigious memory, to experience the genuine friendship he extended so unreservedly, and to benefit from his unselfishness and magnanimity.

I had the good fortune of collaborating with him on several exhibitions mounted to coincide with events and commemorative anniversaries and in researching events, people and places, to add to our knowledge of our history, to celebrate or culture and to point out new opportunities for the younger generations to explore. Our engagements were through phone calls, e-mails, clippings and face to face meetings.  [more – Tribute_to_Godfrey_Chin – MG Joe Singh]

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