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Dr. Giglioli {1897- 1975} and the fight against malaria in British Guiana

Dr. Giglioli {1897- 1975} and the fight against malaria in British Guiana

By Dmitri Allicock

Dr. George Giglioli

Dr. George Giglioli

Guyana’s development was seriously hampered by the prevalence of numerous tropical diseases, among which malaria was the worst. The Italian physician, Dr. George Giglioli, – The Demerara Doctor -[ see PAHO publication here], was in great part responsible for fighting this disease for more than four decades and drastically reducing its effects on the population.

Born in 1897 in Pisa, Italy, to an Italian father and an English mother, George Giglioli grew up speaking both parents’ languages, as well as French. In 1915, during his last year of high school in his hometown of Pisa, Italy, he was encouraged to study medicine by a physician friend of his father.

During his first year of medical training at the University of Pisa, World War I had already started, and he was called up for military duty in 1916. Continue reading

Remembering Dr Charles Roza of Mackenzie Hospital

Remembering the legendary Doctor Charles Roza of Mackenzie Hospital – Upper Demerara

Dr Charles Roza

       By Dmitri Allicock   for Guyanese Online

The delivery of healthcare in the bauxite mining community of what is now called Linden was once ranked tops in Guyana and around the Caribbean. Free housing for their workers, along with employment, competitive pay, augmented with good healthcare, were among the enormous contributions of the Demerara Bauxite Company {Demba} to the people of Upper Demerara and Guyana. Continue reading

Linden Tragedy – July 18-19, 2012 – two videos

Linden Tragedy –  Wednesday July 18 – video 1

There’s a heaviness and great sorrow hanging over the Linden community this evening following the tragedy that broke out last evening when the police opened fire on protestors at the Mackenzie Wismar bridge with tear gas, pellets and live rounds. That action by the police left 3 persons dead, all with gunshot wounds according to medical officials who were on duty at the Mackenzie hospital. Over 12 other persons were injured. It was pandemonium at the hospital and through the streets of the town as residents said the action by the police was uncalled for. Continue reading
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