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Guyana: “Best thing for North West” – The MV Kimbia is Back in service + video

MV Kimbia

May 26, 2019 – Guyana Chronicle

…North West Guyana (Region 1) residents praise recommissioning of MV Kimbia 
…cite easing of economic burden, potential for increased trade

CITING its economic importance, residents of the township of Mabaruma were out in their numbers on Wednesday May 22, 2019 to welcome the Transport and Harbours Department ferry MV Kimbia which returned to the area after some four years.

Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Annette Ferguson, was on hand to join the celebrations as the vessel moored at the port of Kumaka on Wednesday. Members of the business community were ecstatic that the spacious vessel, which was overhauled at a cost of more than G$400M, was finally back in service. Residents told the Guyana Chronicle that persons would be able to ferry more goods for sale in the capital city and it was noted too that the new seating arrangement as well as other improvements within the vessel impressed many. “I must say that thanks to the government that we have this vessel back with us. It is going to benefit us business people tremendously, because we won’t have to hire those private boats anymore,” a businessman noted.          Continue reading

GECOM ready for 523,831 persons to vote in Local Govt Elections

GECOM ready for 523,831 persons to vote in Local Govt Elections

ballot boxPosted by: Jomo Paul – Demerara Waves – February 5, 2016

The Guyana Elections Commission Friday said all systems are go for 523,831 eligible registered voters to cast their ballots in Local Government Elections slated for March 18, 2016.  The total number of valid votes cast at the May 11, 2015 general elections are 412,012 or 72 percent of the 570,708 then eligible voters for the entire country.

For the first time ballots would be cast for Councils in new towns-  Bartica, Lethem and Mabaruma. They join the list of the other towns- Georgetown, Linden, New Amsterdam, Anna Regina, Rose Hall and Corriverton.   Continue reading

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 28 October 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 28 October 2015  –  Kaieteur News 

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Guyana Venezuela border controversy…Govt. chides Jagdeo for unpatriotic stance while country faces relentless foe”

OCTOBER 28, 2015 | By Abena Rockcliffe  — Even as it acknowledges the statements made by Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo, the Government of Guyana has not altered its decision to abandon the Good Officers process and move towards the juridical route in settling the territorial controversy with Venezuela. Yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge dismissed Jagdeo’s advice against going the […]

Bartica, Lethem, Mabaruma officially named as towns

OCTOBER 28, 2015 | -moves underway to bring rates and taxes in line with 21st century    –Three new towns have been named as Government moves ahead with plans to hand more powers to Local Government bodies. According to the Official Gazette (Extraordinary) published on October 21st, 2015, the three new towns are Mabaruma, Region One; Bartica, Region Seven and […]

… See more article links below ……       Continue reading

Smuggled Venezuelan Gasoline Fuels an Entire Economy Next Door

Smuggled Venezuelan Gasoline Fuels an Entire Economy Next Door
Andrew Rosati – September 24, 2015 — 7:00 PM EDT – Bloomberg

smuggled fuel

Motorboats ferry gasoline through the tributaries of the Orinoco River. Photographer: Andrew Rosati/Bloomberg

Maduro fusses over contraband to Colombia. Is Guyana next?
With little enforcement, smugglers unload in broad daylight

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has deployed thousands of soldiers, shuttered large swaths of his country’s border with Colombia and deported hundreds of migrants in his latest crackdown on contraband. He may now be starting to look at a different border where Venezuela’s almost free gasoline has been flowing liberally.   Continue reading

Helter-skelter parking in City to end –as efforts heighten to clean, re-green Georgetown

Efforts will be made to stop the helter-skelter parking in the city

Efforts will be made to stop the helter-skelter parking in the city

Helter-skelter parking in City to end –as efforts heighten to clean, re-green Georgetown

Guyana Elections: Coalition will not witch hunt political opponents – Granger

Coalition will not witch hunt political opponents – Granger

Tuesday, 17 March 2015 17:03 -Written by    – Demerara Waves

Granger w businessPhooto: Opposition coalition presidential candidate, David Granger addressing a Business Luncheon organised by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA).

“We are not going to be an administration that is bent on revenge, that is bent on recrimination or that is bent of retribution. It is going to be one that is based on respect,” he told a Business Luncheon organised by the Guyana Manufacturers and Services Association (GMSA).   Continue reading

Moths: Beauty Concealed in Darkness – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Moths: Beauty Concealed in Darkness

08SundayJul 2012    Posted by 

Growing up in Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, I developed a dislike for moths. They were tiny, hairy, grayish-brown insects that destroyed our clothes and feasted on our rice grains and beans. They did their work in secret, in the dark. To keep them away, we placed foul-scented naphthalene mothballs in our chest of drawers, wardrobes, and cupboards.

Imagine my surprise when I learned in school that moths and butterflies belong to the same family called Lepidoptera. Next to the beautiful and brightly colored butterfly, the moth is the ugly cousin. And, as life would have it, the species of ugly cousins outnumber their attractive relatives by almost ten to one.

When I moved to the tropical rainforest region of Northwest Guyana, to teach at the secondary school in Mabaruma, I discovered a whole new world of moths I never knew existed. Up to that time, I had harbored prejudice towards thousands of species of moths based on the noxious behavior of a few.   [more]

Welcome to Shell Beach GUYANA

Welcome to Shell Beach GUYANA

Here are some more pictures of Shell Beach to compliment those on the Mabaruma Sojourn video.

Shell Beach is not only one of the most beautiful spots in Guyana, it is also an important nesting beach for sea turtles. The Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society (GMTCS) is working with local communities and international partners to ensure the long term survival of those fascinating ocean nomads. For further information visit us at http://www.gmtcs.org

The Cali Mari Man – Neville Calistro

The Cali Mari Man – Neville Calistro

SEPTEMBER 11, 2011 | BY KNEWS link|
Pull Quote: “Maybe, it sounded interesting to her.”- Calistro on his music, after being invited by Mrs. Burnham to join the People’s Culture Corps in the 1970s

By Rohan Sagar

Neville Calistro

Neville Calistro, more familiarly known as “The Mighty Chief‘, has the distinction of being the first Amerindian in Guyana and possibly in the world, to sing and perform the art form, Calypso. Calistro traces his heritage back to Venezuela where his grandfather, Henio Calistro, who was a mix of Indigenous Arawak and Black, travelled to Moruca River from Angostura (Cuidad Bolivar) Venezuela in 1817.

The man was part of an escaping group of Arawaks who fought against Simon Bolivar during the Bolivarian War of Independence. Calistro‘s grandmother was herself a mix of Arawak and Akawaio and spoke both languages. Both grandparents both spoke Spanish as did the rest of the Arawaks who escaped Venezuela.

The first site of settlement was Mabaruma and then they travelled down to Moruca River. Though most of the Arawaks settled in Santa Rosa, Calistro’s family went further south to the island of Hobo. Hobo was settled much earlier in the 17-18th century by the Dutch who had established a trading post from which they conducted business with the Caribs and Warraus.

 Read Complete articleThe Cali Mari Man – Neville Calistro PDF file 
OR  Kaieteur News-Source link

BBC Filming Raleigh Documentary

…. 10-part documentary titled, the ‘Serious Explorers-Raleigh.’

GUYANA as a destination of choice will again be propelled into the spotlight with the arrival of a team from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) to begin filming a ten-part documentary titled, the ‘Serious Explorers-Raleigh.’

So as to accord the visitors a warm Guyanese welcome, Minister of Tourism, Manniram Prashad along with a team from the Ministry of Tourism and the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) journeyed Friday to Mabaruma in Region One (Barima Waini) where they caught up with and met the expedition members as they entered the Waini River to begin the first leg of their journey.

The BBC team, consisting of 15 adults and eight children from the United Kingdom, is here to retrace the footsteps of Sir Walter Raleigh in his quest to find the City of El Dorado.

Like Raleigh, the team sailed across the Caribbean from Trinidad and Tobago to the coast of Guyana. Arriving on the vessel, ‘Scaramouche’, the adventurers were warmly welcomed by the Tourism Minister and his entourage as they boarded the moored ship to interact with the visitors.

Download articleBBC starts filming Raleigh Documentary

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