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Book: Search & Find Booklet Released – By Lyndon Barton

Search & Find Booklet Released – By Lyndon Barton

SNF _ Lyndon BartonA Search and Find with Guyana in Mind booklet has been released.

This 52-page booklet provides useful information for anyone interested in learning basic facts about Guyana, the Guyanese people, and the Guyanese culture. This information is presented in a unique way, using word search puzzles positioned alongside a continuous thread selected topics such as: an interactive quiz, proverbs, poems, and other gems, all relating to Guyanese history and culture.

The use of this two-prong format is based on the belief that much information and insight about Guyana can be gained from the selected topics as well as clues to the word search puzzles.

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Guyana Postcards designed by Lyndon Barton

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 Guyana Postcards designed by Lyndon Barton
Wish to share with you my newly designed postcard on The Republic of GUYANA, now available at Zazzle.com’
This postcard is designed to appeal to anyone who is interested in learning about Guyana, and appreciates the novel way this information is presented. Here, the stamps tell a story.  Together they represent a pictorial showcase of what Guyana is most noted for. One example is the replica of Guyana half penny magenta stamp that is most prominently featured at the center of the map.  This stamp is the rarest and most valuable stamp in the world.  Other examples are the world renowned Kaieteur Falls, the spectacular flora and fauna, and aspects of Guyana’s  history , culture, and industries….    Lyndon O. Barton – Artist        Continue reading