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Linden unrest again a possibility – video & news updates

TV row intensifies between the Gov’t and Region

Pres. Ramotar: TV License not part of the deal 

Demerara Waves – 13 January 2013 – The government maintains that the Region 10 administration will have to go through the regular process for a television licence like any other applicant with President Donald Ramotar being the latest to weigh in on the issue.

During negotiations following a one-month protest by Lindeners after three protesters were killed allegedly by the police, the region and central government agreed that television equipment donated to the mining town some time ago would be given to the Regional Democratic Council. [Read more]

Mark Benshop: APNU-PNC Incompetence – commentary

Mark Benshop: APNU-PNC Incompetence  – commentary

Why should citizens continue to embrace political parties (and the INCOMPETENT Members of Parliament) who do not have their best interests at heart?

Let’s address the issue of the APNU/PNC and how they have thus far FAILED to adequately represent their constituency.

(1) The leadership is alleged to have agreed for the increase of electricity tariff in Linden, after sitting with the PPP/C in private meetings without the knowledge/input of the Regional Chairman, Mr. Sharma Raheem Solomon, or the MPs representing Region #10, nor the people of Linden.

Immediately following the exposure of the ‘secret deal,’ the smoke hit the roof and the APNU’s Leadership quickly removed themselves from the scene, leaving the young/dynamic Regional Chairman, his MPs (mainly Ms. Vanessa Kissoon) and the people of Linden to battle the PPP.                 Continue reading

Lesson from Linden – commentary

Lesson from Linden

Stabroek staff On August 20, 2012 Editorial

There will be a genuine sigh of relief on the expected conclusion today of a deal between the government and a delegation from Region 10 (Upper Demerara/Upper Berbice) on a raft of economic issues for Linden. Hopefully this is swiftly followed by the conclusion of the meandering discussions on the terms of reference for the investigation of the July 18 killing of three protesters and the injuring of at least 20 others.

The horrific mowing down of 34 protesting miners by South African police last week is an example of how things can go badly wrong amid soaring tensions in standoffs. There can be no excusing the use of excessive and deadly force in either case. South African President Zuma cut short a visit to Mozambique and announced a commission of enquiry and as is to be expected the union whose members were at the centre of the tragedy called immediately for a credible, independent commission of enquiry. That call also resonates here and there is great anticipation over what steps the government and APNU will agree to ensure that this probe is manned by persons of integrity, its terms of reference sufficiently drawn and the requisite resources provided.              Continue reading

Lindeners take grievances outside President’s office

Lindeners take grievances outside President’s office

June 26, 2012 – Demerara Waves

Lindeners on Tuesday took their rejection of government’s plans to hike electricity tariffs from July 1 to outside President Donald Ramotar’s office as he was chairing cabinet.

The little more than 40 persons, who were bussed in from the bauxite mining town, also added to their list of grievances- government’s television monopoly and dust pollution.

Region 10 Chairman, Sharma Solomon; regional parliamentary representative, Vanessa Kissoon and Region 10 Councillor, Leslie Gonsalves were among the influential persons present.

Restating that Lindeners do not have the earning power to pay a total of GUY$1 billion-the subsidy that government has scrapped- for electricity from next month, Sharma defended the small number of protesters who participated in the picketing exercise.   Continue reading

APNU scrambles to avoid “tariff deal” backlash

APNU scrambles to avoid “tariff deal” backlash

Demerara Waves – April 19, 2012

Deal or no deal, Lindeners will be paying more for electricity from July, according to Prime Minister Samuel Hinds.

His assertion came after the APNU went into damage control mode Thursday night in the wake of a statement he made in parliament announcing the opposition coalition’s recognition of the need for electricity tariff increases in meetings with President Donald Ramotar Thursday morning.  Continue reading

More TV licences to be approved; APNU agrees to Linden tariff increase

More TV licences to be approved; APNU agrees to Linden tariff increase

Demerara Waves  April 19, 2012

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds has announced that government will be freeing up the broadcast spectrum further to allow for more television stations and has committed to several measures to address the concerns of Lindeners following meetings with the APNU.

He made the revelation at the start of the Thursday’s sitting to consider the estimates of the 2012 national budget in the National Assembly and indicated that the move followed representation from the APNU in meetings with the president over the past two days.   Continue reading

Linden begins `shutdown’ over proposed tariff hike – protests

Linden begins `shutdown’ over proposed tariff hike, large crowd protests

Stabroek News –Cathy Richards On April 18, 20 12Comments

Protestors at Wismar Mackenzie bridge

Lindeners in large numbers are today showing solidarity with the movement against the proposed increase of electricity tariffs for the mining town as announced by Minister of Finance Ashni Singh during the reading of the 2012 National Budget.

The government’s position on the increase was further solidified by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds during his presentation on the budget speech and this gave rise to residents of the community taking to the streets in protest.

Today is considered a “shutdown”  ..  [read complete article here ….>>   [Linden protests]