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Linden shooting unjustified – Top Cop Brumell

Linden shooting unjustified – Top Cop Brumell

Demerara Waves – Monday, 24 September 2012

 Acting Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell is the first person to be called before the Commission of InquiryActing Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell on Monday stated that the use of lethal force by the police on July 18 at Linden which left three protesters dead was unjustified.He made the statement at the opening of the hearings of the Commission of Inquiry into the shooting as the first witness to present evidence.Brumell was questioned by Commissioner KD Knight who took the Top Cop through the lead up to the shooting and afterward.                      Continue reading

Groups Protest Linden Shooting – video

Groups Protest Linden Shooting

The resounding cry for justice was the chant outside of the office president as civic groups and members of different political parties protested the killings at Linden.

An independent inquiry is expected to be launched, but the terms of reference are still to be worked out between the main political players. However the AFC is refusing to participate in the draft of the terms of reference. The AFC is calling for an international probe and the resignation of the home affairs minister. The party used the LINDO creek killings as an example why such a probe is needed.   Continue reading

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