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Linden rebuilding begins in Guyana

Linden rebuilding begins in Guyana
Published on August 24, 2012
GEORGETOWN, Guyana (GINA) — Head of the Presidential Secretariat and Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, at a post- Cabinet press briefing on Wednesday informed media operatives that major features of the Linden agreement are being put in place with the inputs and support of principal stakeholders.Luncheon also said that the situation on the ground is evolving satisfactorily with visibly sustained efforts at the re-establishment of normalcy in the township.

“Cabinet discussed a range of proposals brought by its education sector to deal with the pressing the dilemma of relocating the more than 800 displaced primary school children from the burnt out school,” Luncheon said.    Continue reading

“Agitating” police officer ordered out of Linden operation

“Agitating” police officer ordered out of Linden operation

Written by Denis Scott Chabrol  – Demerara Waves
Monday, 13 August 2012 18:48

In picture :  Assistant Superintendent Watts and Opposition politician Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine having a discussion during tense moments in Wismar on Sunday, August 12, 2012.

A senior police officer was Monday ordered out of Linden after his presence in the still tense Wismar area continued to agitate residents, according to a source close to the Joint Services.
The decision was taken even as a tense calm hung over Linden that has been wracked by days of violence in which several civilians have been killed and injured during clashes with police, others arrested and government buildings burnt.

The unrest centers around government’s now suspended plan to hike electricity rates, a matter that a joint opposition-technical committee would be addressing in the coming days.
There are still other outstanding issues like permission to open private television stations and creating an investment friendly climate.             Continue reading

Linden – an in-depth analysis


Posted By Stabroek staff On August 12, 2012

The arson which took place in Linden on Friday simply cannot be excused. It would be fatuous to point out that the burning of buildings will do nothing for the economy of the mining town, and economic conditions are one of the underlying issues fuelling the protest.  And it would be similarly pointless to observe that the destruction of public (and private) structures will only make recovery there more difficult, not less so. After all, what drives acts of destruction is anger or rank lawlessness, not reason. It is just that the rest of the nation finds it very difficult to understand why, when by all accounts negotiations with the government were making progress, critical buildings were torched by the very people who have most to lose by doing so. Just what was the objective of such incendiarism? Or was it that there simply was no objective, it was just nihilism in action?

This does not mean to say that while the government cannot be held directly responsible for the torching of buildings and toll booths, it must not take its share of the blame for creating the kinds of conditions which made what happened on Friday a distinct possibility, if not a probability. If nothing else its actions – or at some points, its  lack of them – have provided fodder for those of its critics who are convinced that it would not be averse to seeing Linden in flames, because that would harmonise well with the line it has been pushing to its constituency for so long.   Continue reading

Is Linden a diversion from corruption investigations? – 3 articles

OP attracts protest over approach to Linden issues


“The Government is prolonging Linden’s struggle to distract Guyanese from the bigger issues of corruption at NCN, NICIL, GuySuCo, and the super salaries at OP. They obviously need a distraction” – Gerhard Ramsaroop    

Political leaders, social activists and a number of Linden residents yesterday assembled at the Office of the President and mounted a […]

Linden, a diversion from corruption – AFC


The ruling PPP government thrives on chaos and is triggering delaying tactics in settling the Linden unrest to keep corruption off the front pages, Khemraj Ramjattan, the leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC) said yesterday. Ramotar charged that the government is aggravating the unrest in Linden instead of seeking an early resolution, because, […]     Continue reading

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