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Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2010

Guyanese Online Newsletter – April 2010-< download


  • Page 1– Masthead picture – The Takutu Bridge;  Brazilian Trade Delegation visits Guyana. ICC – World 20/20 Competition in the West Indies links
    Page 2– Editorial; Map of Guyana;   Brazil-Guyana Trade talks (contd)
    Page 3 – Linden could be conduit to Brazil trade by year end.
    Page 4 – Guyana in USA List of “next decade” oil and gas producers;   Iran Geological Team Arrives.
    Page 5– Cheaper alternatives to Hope Guy$3.6B relief canal– says Engineers Group.; Gold declarations plunge 40% in January 2010; Guyana signs US$25M  IDB loan for Transport Infrastructure.
    Page 6– Japan provides 35 solar water pumps for Hinterland;  Scotiabank donates 100 computers to schools;   Red Thread inks Grant Pact with Japan;   Latter Day Saints donate gear to group.
    Page 7– GUYFEST – Crownsville Maryland, USA on July 10, 2010 – Advertisement
    Page 8– Arannputa women open Peanut Factory in Rupununi.
    Page 9– Bishops’ High School—Education Feature.
    Page 10– Last Lap Lime- 15th Anniversary;  Guyana Reunion Message;  BC Association- Rama Diallo; GABI-  Mashramani and Phagwah Celebrations, and the Caribbean Netball Competition in Barbados.
    Page 11– Hansib Publications—40 year Anniversary;   Lal Balkaran’s new book and DVD on Amerindians; Rocky Mirza Book on American Political History;   The Arts Journal.– March 2010.
    Page 12– Ron Savory’s Evocations at National Gallery in Guyana;   Godfrey Chin’s Nostalgias Link;  Ken Corsbie: Videos on Guyana and the Caribbean.
    Page 13– The Primacy of Hope by Dave Martins.
    Pages 14&15– Guyana and Local Government —The Village Movement —170th year Anniversary; History of Radio in British Guiana.

We hope you find it interesting!

Cyril Bryan. Editor / Publisher
Guyanese Online Newsletter and Blog

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