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ENVIRONMENT: Time for Laws to Protect the Giant Ant Hills in the Rupununi- by Francis Quamina Farrier

Rupununi Ant Hill

This is a return to an issue which was addressed some years ago; the legal protection of those iconic giant ant hills in the Central Rupununi, Region 9. With the on-going development of the Guyana/Brazil border town of Lethem, including neighbouring St. Ignatius, Campbelltown and other surrounding areas where many of the ant hills are located, some nature-lovers are of the view that legal protection of those giant ant hills has become necessary..

Many feel that their future is in jeopardy. The recent issue with those trees which line the Mabaruma Public Road in Region 1, is a very similar example. It shows that Guyanese are becoming more environmentally conscious and would make their objections known, whenever aspects of the environment are endangered. In this article, I pre-empt any reckless act by anyone who may have little or no interest in the future of those Giant Ant Hills.

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Haitian influx create hysteria in Guyana, Brazil and Suriname

GEORGETOWN, Guyana – Between January – July 2019 more than 8,600 Haitians arrived in Guyana and ‘only 13 left the country legally’. In a display of hysteria to feed the base of multiple factions, “The Haitians are coming,” is making headlines across the country.

The opposition and its constituents are claiming “the ‘Black government’ in Guyana is doling out citizenship to the Haitians in an effort to have them register to vote for the ruling government and by selective means avert the Indian dominated Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) from winning the upcoming general election.

Meanwhile, on Sunday it was learned that “a significant number of the 8,600-plus Haitians who arrived in Guyana during the last seven months made way to Lethem, a frontier town neighbouring Brazil” according to investigations by the Guyana Kaieteur newspaper.  Continue reading