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A twist on wine tours for pot lovers – Jamaica ganja tours

A twist on wine tours for pot lovers – Jamaica ganja tours

By David McFadden.  (AP) –  September 10, 2013 – CaribbeanLifeNews.com

jamaica-ganga-toursIn this Aug. 29, 2013 photo, farmer nicknamed Breezy shows his illegal patch of budding marijuana plants during a tour of his land in Jamaica’s central mountain town of Nine Mile. Breezy says Americans, Germans and increasingly Russian tourists have toured his small farm and sampled his crop.  AP Photo/David McFadden

NINE MILE, Jamaica (AP) — Napa and Sonoma have their wine tours, and travelers flock to Scotland to sample the a fine single malt whiskies. But in Jamaica, farmers are offering a different kind of trip for a different type of connoisseur.

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