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Guyana Politics: Irfaan Ali’s candidacy is not diminished by fraud charges – says Jagdeo

PPP Presidential Candidate, Irfaan Ali

During a press conference, yesterday, Jagdeo said that Ali is still a good candidate because the voters know that the charges brought before him were fueled by ulterior motives.

“People know,” Jagdeo said. “People understand that these are politically motivated; done by an agency that is corrupt.”      Continue reading

A RUDE AWAKENING AWAITS : Kaieteur News Editorial


Jagdeo 2015 pix

Bharrat Jagdeo

September 13, 2015 | Kaieteur News | Filed Under Editorial

As the leader of the opposition, Bharrat Jagdeo is having a much harder time to fulfill that role than he had expected, but he could not resist the lure of being in the spotlight. By wresting the leadership from former President Donald Ramotar, Mr. Jagdeo felt that it was his call of duty to be the Leader of the Opposition.

As the former President, he believed that becoming the Leader of the Opposition is a true vindication of his quest to take control of the PPP. He is on a political trapeze trying to ingratiate himself with a younger generation; a feistier independent group who has grown up on social media and knows about the Jagdeo fatigue and is not motivated by it.   Continue reading