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Guyana’s Region Nine shines in Region Eleven – New York – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Guyana’s Region Nine shines in Region Eleven

– by Francis Quamina Farrier in New York

Some folks who have been attending the premier Guyana Cultural events in Region 11, (which are all lands beyond the borders of Guyana) over the years, are saying that the Guyana Cultural Association of New York’s Annual Folk Festival Season 2017, was the best ever.

They submit that, with the theme, “Celebrating Our Indigenous Heritage”, which featured a Wapishana Cultural Group from the deep South Rupununi, in Guyana, along with a few Native Americans, and with all Presenters keeping their presentations on the theme of “Celebrating Our Indigenous Heritage”, it was as good as it gets.   Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Association of New York Inc. on-line Magazine – July 2015

GCA-July2015GCA New York On-Line Magazine – July 2015     [DOWNLOAD]


Summer arrived at our doorstep with characteristic warmth and expectancy, and happiness abounds. With some trepidation, we also acknowledge that half of the year is gone. But we have no time to despair. As we look around, we see faces that glow in the sunshine; children running through sprinklers to cool down from the heat, families gathering on beaches and fun parks; our very own Summer Workshop in full swing with the formation of new bonds of friendship as our children spend time together.

Yes, this is our pleasure – this wonderful summer break before we confront the next season, or it confronts us! With the cooperating weather and the deluge of activities choked into a mere few months, GCA throws its doors wide open to showcase another season of activity that builds on the longevity of our purpose and supports our theme, We Bridgin’. And the excitement has already begun.  Continue reading

Twenty years of spiritual cleansing, herbal healing – By Tangerine Clarke

Twenty years of spiritual cleansing, herbal healing

Menes de Groit and his wife Mama Nyaah

Menes de Groit and his wife Mama Nyaah

By Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life NYC – October 28, 2014 

Menes de Groit and his wife Mama Nyaah proudly stated that over the last 20 years, Cosmic Enterprise – Healing Village has helped to transform parts of the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood from a drug-nest, to what it is today, “Healed, thought cleansing, music, and education.”

The 147 Rockaway Ave., Brooklyn location, have successfully treated numerous customers with Alfalfa which is high in protein; Red Clover, a blood thinner to help hypertension; Fennel; Echinacea; Golden Seal and its branded “Bourda Bittah Tonic” a top selling colon cleanser.

The herbal doctors also prescribe a cocktail for diabetes, to cleanse the liver, to rebuild the pancreas and nourish the blood supply. Root tonics, herbal formulas, natural organic products, and a plethora of other herbs have made the proprietors household names.  Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Asso. of New York Magazine – July 2013

GCA – JULY_2013_OnLine_Magazine_[download]


PAGE 3: – GCA Awards: Clive Lloyd & Peter Halder

PAGE 4:- Tribute To Maurice – Ron Bobb-Semple

PAGE 5-7: A Pollen from God’s Flower- Derrick Jeffrey

PAGE 8: Mr. Mo and the Children’s Workshop

PAGE 9: Minty Alley

PAGE 10: Tributes to Maurice Braithwaite

PAGE 11: Collin “Bumble” Wharton

PAGE 12-14: GCA Awards Announcement

AGE 15-21: Folk Festival Family Day      Continue reading

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