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Georgetown Guyana: The municipal markets -commentary

Georgetown Guyana: The municipal markets

On Monday some 40 Bourda Market stallholders marched down to City Hall furious over the fact that the market was not scheduled to open that day and they had not been informed in advance. That was not the only reason the vendors were incensed, it was, in fact, the last straw for them.

Unusually heavy rainfall last Wednesday night and early Thursday morning, coupled with ineffective drainage in the city saw most of Georgetown severely flooded on Thursday and Friday. The whys and wherefores have already been dealt with in this column, but Bourda poses a different issue.

Bourda is one of the four major markets in the city, three of which are still functioning at a reasonable capacity. Continue reading

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 20 Sep 2013

Capitol News – TV News Videos – 20 Sep 2013

  • APNU turns to civil Society to support its call for the removal of Clement Rohee.
  • Brassington believes Marriott project is sound
  • Several charged including a Woman in connection with murder of the West Coast businessman.
  • Guyana Women Miners Organisation rescued more Women today including a Trinidadian
  • Health Ministry finds another way to address issues of chronic non communicable diseases.
  • Kitty Market Stallholders are demanding that the Market be repaired.
  • In the aviation sector the upcoming fall and winter season North will see more flights in the air
  • Demerara Captain Chris Barnwell looking forward to lead the team against Essequibo on Saturday.
APNU turns to civil Society to support its call for the removal of Clement Rohee.Posted: 20 Sep 2013 06:47 PM PDT

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Leader, David Granger believes the administration should be held accountable for the present crime situation.  He says the PPP should be blamed for the mismanagement of Public Security and now wants to see public action.According to Granger after seven years under Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee the present security […]   Continue reading