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Looking back… How a Guyanese ‘discovered’ Sparrow

Looking back… How a Guyanese ‘discovered’ Sparrow – [2009 article]

Stabroek News – Oluatoyin Alleyne On March 7, 2009Comments

It was 1955 when a then struggling Guyanese promoter met a young Trinidadian by the name of Slinger Francisco   and on a whim decided to include him in his group that was about to tour the interior.

Sparrow, today

That whim proved to be very profitable for the Guyanese as we all know that Slinger, better known as the Mighty Sparrow eventually became one of the best known names in the calypso world…..  Sparrow, today in picture(r)

That Guyanese was Cyril Shaw who later became Sparrow’s manager andwent on many tours with him around the world.

Today Shaw, who is 87, finds if difficult to remember those days as his memory is failing him but his wife Bhanmattie Shaw, who went on some of the tours, recently told The Scene “those days were fantastic days.”   Continue reading