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Guyana Elections 2015: Businesses jittery; ABC diplomats and Joint Services urge normalcy

Business community jittery; ABC diplomats urge normalcy

Workers reinforcing the entrance to a Regent Street department store on Elections Day, May 11, 2015. The store opened its doors for business on Tuesday.Top Western diplomats in Guyana say let businesses continue as several owners in Georgetown opted to keep their doors closed Tuesday owing to the unrest in Sophia last night.  Last evening several…

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 Private sector calls on political parties, police to take anti-violence measures

Private sector calls on political parties, police to take anti-violence measuresIn the wake of the fiery violence that erupted Monday night in Sophia that left several vehicles burnt, the Private Sector Commission (PSC) on Tuesday called on political parties to rein in their…

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Transit through Linden re-established – Joint Services

Transit through Linden re-established – Joint Services

Posted By Stabroek editor On August 19, 2012

The Joint Services Co-ordinating Council today said that transiting through the town of Linden has been re-established.

The announcement comes after weeks of unrest had virtually cut Linden off from communities such as Mahdia and Lethem. Both of these communities utilize roads through Linden for access to the coast and for supplies. Alternative routes – taking much more time – had to be found after the eruption of unrest in Linden on July 18 over the killing of three protesters by police.

Residents of Mahdia, Lethem and other communities had complained about high fuel and food process in the wake of the Linden protests.             Continue reading

“Fiery Friday” at Linden

“Fiery Friday” at Linden

Saturday August 11, 2012  –  KNEWS

–    Anger boils over at Police pre-dawn tear gas offensive
–    Buildings razed on both sides  river
–    Police say suspected acts of arson
–    Joint Services deny operation to clear barriers
–    Six detained for various offences

Anger at a surprise tear gas offensive, smoldering debris from buildings burnt to the ground, and a battle to keep the streets clear, characterized the town of Linden yesterday as the government put off a key meeting intended to hammer out a deal and return the town to normalcy.
The protest against electricity tariff increase in the town is now into its fourth week and Lindeners are maintaining their demand – for the increases to be withdrawn and for President Donald Ramotar to meet them and thrash out the events that followed the first day of the protest when three residents were shot dead by Police.

Palpable tension gripped the town in the wee hours of the morning as conflagrations raged on both sides of the Demerara River. A total of six buildings and two vehicles were destroyed.
Residents claimed that the mayhem started when ranks of the Joint Services swooped down on the community in an effort to remove barricades, using teargas to disperse those present, and even throwing canisters with the pungent substance into people’s yards.   Continue reading

Water cannon finally sent to Linden

Water cannon finally sent to Linden

July 30, 2012 – KNEWS

Linden unrest continues…as– residents reject proposal to ‘suspend’ tariff hikes

The contentious Kara Kara Bridge remained under the control of Joint Services Ranks for most of yesterday, after it was cleared of logs and other debris which were placed there by angry protestors.
Dozens of ranks formed themselves into human barricades on both sides of the bridge some 30 meters away to prevent demonstrators from replacing the blockages.
The operation to clear the bridge commenced early yesterday morning with a bulldozer aiding the ranks in the arduous task.
However, residents continued to place old car parts and fallen trees across the stretch of road between the Amelia’s Ward, First Bus Shed and the Police Outpost.

The atmosphere remained tense throughout the day and was compounded by an apparent lack of human resources on the part of the joint services to adequately deal with the situation in a holistic manner.   [more]

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