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Opposition’s performance in Parliament disappointing

Opposition’s performance in Parliament disappointing – says Christopher Ram

OCTOBER 10, 2012 |Kaieteur News  – tabled only 1 of 21 bills –

                                   Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram

The performance of the Opposition in the National Assembly is coming under fire, with questions being asked whether it was necessary for a nine-week break. The recess ends today and the Parliament is set to reconvene later this month.

According to financial commentator, Christopher Ram, the work by the Alliance For Change (AFC) and the 10-party coalition A Partnership For National Unity (APNU) during the first session of the 10th Parliament left much to be desired.  Continue reading

Back to where we were before the polls – letter to Editor

Four months after the election we are back to where we were before the polls – letter to Editor

April 1, 2012 |by KNEWS | LETTERS

Dear Editor,
For any society to advance it has to settle a fundamental question—Who Governs? Such a settlement is even more urgent in countries, such as Guyana, which are deeply polarized along ethno-racial and political lines. From the time of the split of the nationalist movement in 1955, this question has haunted Guyana.

The failure to adequately address and settle it has invariably let to frequent bouts of ethnic conflict. Yet successive generations of political leaders have either ignored the question or sought to answer it within a political and constitutional framework that is premised on majoritarianism, domination and inequality.

This reluctance on the part of the political parties and Civil Society organizations to commit to a political solution that settles the question of who governs is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of Guyanese politics. Guyana’s political history these past five decades is littered with opportunities for a political settlement of the question of governance. However, despite periodic and sometimes opportunistic declarations, these parties and groups eventually find ways to accommodate to the status quo, which they all decry, especially when they are in the opposition or at election time.   Continue reading