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GUYANA SPEAKS: A Historical Glance at the British in Guiana – London UK – April 28, 2019

On 15th March 2019, The Lord Provost of Aberdeen, Barney Crockett, signed a twinning agreement between the cities of Aberdeen in Scotland and Georgetown in Guyana. The forging of links between the two territories will no doubt help to deepen and expand the on-going work between Aberdeen University, Edinburgh Heriot-Watt University and the University of Guyana to establish an oil and gas faculty in the country. This twinning may appear on the surface to be an unique one, yet we need only reflect on Guyanese surnames like Fraser or MacPherson, buildings like St Andrew’s Kirk, or place names like Rosehall, Inverness or Fyrish to be reminded of Scotland’s historically inextricable relationship with Guyana. In reflecting on this Guyana SPEAKS have decided to host “A historical glance at the British in Guiana” and invite the following distinguished guests to speak on their specialist knowledge in the field: the historians, Dr Randy Browne and Dr David Alston, and the well known BG-born journalist, author and editor, Mr John Mair.         

BILL COTTON GETS A GONG!…. at the 2018 Guyana High Commission (UK) Awards


John Mair

At a glittering  2018 Guyana High Commission (UK) Awards ceremony at the Senate House in London recently, writer John Mair-better known in Guyana as ’Bill Cotton/Reform’– was rewarded for his ‘service to the community’. Mair pronounced himself ‘very chuffed’ to receive it. Many of his Guyanese family were there to support him.

In the last three years, Mair has put on fifteen events at the London High Commission on subjects ranging from Sir Wilson Harris to the Windrush Scandal and the art of Aubrey Williams.     Continue reading

Canefield Class Consciousness: Cheddi Jagan at 100 – Opinion

Opinion: Canefield Class Consciousness: Cheddi Jagan at 100

Amílcar Sanatan | Telesur TV

Among the many achievements of the Jagan-led PPP, his analysis of the conditions of sugar workers was intellectually profound and insightful.

Cheddi Jagan was born on 22 March 1918. As we celebrate his hundredth birthday, I reflect on his contribution to Caribbean social and political thought based on his sugar plantation experience and his formulations of Marxist political strategy.

Indo-Caribbean contributions to political and social thought in the region have not been given the attention and scholarly recognition it deserves.   Continue reading