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The UK’s BREXIT agonies: Lessons from Jamaica’s Referendum – By Steven L. B. Jensen

By Steven L. B. Jensen ….He is a Research Visitor at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights in Oxford.

Norman Manley

On 12 May 1962 (the then recently deposed) Jamaican Prime Minister Norman Manley wrote in his diary the following:   (read about Norman Manley in Wikipedia)

“Why […] did I decide on the referendum? Why did I so totally commit myself and the Party to its result? Why did I leave out the smallest loophole for escape back to the old road if the Referendum failed?”

While the Brexit debates have been busy with historical references there is arguably no historical event which comes closer in resemblance to BREXIT than the 1961 Jamaican referendum on membership of the West Indies Federation. This event – unknown to most – carries echoes to the present and provides a certain diagnosis of the current political situation in the United Kingdom.        Continue reading
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