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MUSIC – POLITICS: Bob Marley: Four of his most important political quotes – VIDEO

Bob Marley: Four of his most important political quotes.

SOE TV – 27 May 2021 – #bobmarley #jamaica #bobmarleyquotes

Robert Nestor Marley seems like a name that would make nearly everyone’s list of politically conscious musicians and the reasons cannot be far-fetched. He was a relentless Pan-Africanist who sang about the European colonization of the African mind and land as well as the relationships necessary for world peace. Outside Jamaica and particularly in Africa, he was Marley the pro-poor political emissary. It is in this light that we consider four of his most important political quotes on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his passing.

Bob Marley – the “Revolutionary”. See  more videos of his quotes at this link: https://www.youtube.com/hashtag/bobmarleyquotes

PNP delivers crushing 41-22 seat defeat to JLP

Jamaica’s General Elections 2011:

PNP delivers crushing 41-22 seat defeat to JLP

Posted By Stabroek News On December 30, 2011

(Jamaica Observer) The People’s National Party (PNP) sent the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) back into Opposition after scoring a crushing 41-22-seat victory in yesterday’s 16th general election that pollsters and analysts had said was mostly too close to call.

A sober but triumphant Simpson Miller told jubilant supporters at PNP headquarters last night that she was thankful to the Jamaican people and Prime Minister Andrew Holness who, she said, called and congratulated her earlier. “He was very gracious.”

She urged comrades to greet supporters of the losing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) with love in an obvious extension of the olive branch after what was a vigorous and often bitter campaign. Continue reading

Lessons from Jamaica

Lessons From Jamaica

Published on: 5/27/2010. Nation News. Barbados. by TENNYSON JOSEPH , lecturer in political science at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados

THE CARIBBEAN has watched in bewilderment as the Ja-maica government has slid into crisis over Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s involvement in efforts to block the extradition to the United States of an alleged gun and drug runner, Christopher “Dudus” Coke.

Emerging first as a disagreement with the US on the “legality” of the extradition of Coke, the situation has since descended into an all-out war between the security forces and the organised criminal gangs in Golding’s constituency determined to protect their “don”.

As this is being written, the reports are that six policemen have been shot, and two have died. The gravity of the situation cannot be un-derstated, particularly since it has brought to the fore the deep links between the political directorate and the organised criminal elements of Jamaica.

Crime and Politics linked
The link between crime and politics has now been crudely exposed. The international dimension has only served to exacerbate the difficulties for Jamaica.

Before, however, the rest of the Caribbean begins to shrug the prob-lem off as a Jamaican problem, we should all take careful note of similar trends in Caribbean politics.

We have not yet seen the emergence of “garrison constituencies” (in Barbados), but we have had too many examples of the criminalisation of the state for us to be comfortable.

On top of all this is evidence of organised gang activity, linked to a growing gun and drug trade, which have taken root in many urban constituencies across the Caribbean.
Indeed the Eastern Caribbean differs from Jamaica in degree, but not in kind.

Since the end of the ideologically-based politics of the 1970s to the mid-1980s, politics in the Caribbean has tended to be fought along lines largely revolving around the material comfort of voters, state handouts to citizens, and contracts for large and small public works.     … continued ..

Read Full article > GUEST COLUMN – Lesson from Jamaica

OTHER COMMENTARIES – Jamaica’s Dudas Affair

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Jamaica’s business is the Caribbean’s business– by Sir Ronald Sanders, commentator, Caribbean region..

A convenient AFFAIR- Bruce & Dudus – by Ian Boyce, Contributor, Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper

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How The CIA Created The Jamaican Shower Posse By Casey Gane McCalla. – NewsOne—for black America

Shotta – the image re some males in Jamaica –  by Paul H Williams, Jamaica Gleaner Writer

The Real Conflict in Jamaica– by  “Gadgetcypher” . An interesting analysis with related links.  The writers opinion that the Dudas affair is just a smokescreen to get greater control of Jamaica OIL … yes OIL!  Surprised?

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