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Guyana’s First Village: Victorious Victoria now 180 Years – by Francis Quamina Farrier

 – by Francis Quamina Farrier

The “First Village’ Arch, which has been designed by the villagers in 2016

There have been some occasions when I wished that I was born in VICTORIA, a village which is known as “The First Village”. As a matter of fact, when I was a young and up-coming journalist back in the 1970s and working at the Films Division of the Ministry of Information which was located on Brickdam in Georgetown in the building now occupied by IICA, I produced a Film Documentary entitled, “THE FIRST VILLAGE”. 

That film documentary is about VICTORIA and its history, with some scenes which are no longer in existence.    Continue reading

Sculptor comes under heavy criticism re 1823 Monument – video

Sculptor comes under heavy criticism re 1823 Monument

4th Jan 2013 – Capitol News video

Guyanese sculptor, Ivor Thom, who has designed the 1823 Monument and sought to justify its location on Carifesta Avenue, has come under flak for wanting to show off his work, rather than adhering to the historic significance of where the monument ought to go. Several African artists, writers and groups are insisting that the Parade Ground on Middle Street in Cummingsburg, here in Georgetown, has historical significance in the struggle for freedom. They want the monument there. Guyanese Artist and writer, Barrington Braithwaite, is one of those who feel very strongly that artistic license aside, Thom has to understand that the Monument is a work for hire.    Continue reading

Damon – Freedom fighter – hanged October 13, 1834

British Guiana – Guyana history

Damon – Freedom fighter – hanged October 13, 1834

 The Damon Monument is located in Anna Regina on the Essequibo Coast, and honors an African laborer called Damon, who was executed October 13, 1834 for his role during a protest against the system of apprenticeship. The bronze sculpture was created by Ivor Thom and erected July 31 1988.

Continue reading

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