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Hitler and carnage – By Basil Jide Fadipe

Subject: Hitler and carnage – By Basil Jide Fadipe 

To cut to the chase,
What Netanyahu is doing to the Palestinian people is awful:
Carnage is it..
and no amount of explaining or sophistry could justify it.
Finding reasons to do carnage often requires no genius.
Findings reasons to not
is often the genius.

There was the biblical king
who committed carnage.
Thinking there was a “threat” ( a male infant)
but unable to secure the right coordinates,
the king simply sent his infantry into the land
to kill any and all infants once they looked like male.
He was not hunting for Hamas,
He wanted to hunt down infant Jesus.
and like Netanyahu,
would sacrifice anyone on the way to achieving his aim. Continue reading

Gaming Israel and Palestine – George Friedman – commentary

Gaming Israel and Palestine
Geopolitical Weekly  – Tuesday, July 29, 2014 – Stratfor

We have long argued that the Arab-Israeli conflict is inherently insoluble. Now, for the third time in recent years, a war is being fought in Gaza. The Palestinians are firing rockets into Israel with minimal effect. The Israelis are carrying out a broader operation to seal tunnels along the Gaza-Israel boundary. Like the previous wars, the current one will settle nothing. The Israelis want to destroy Hamas’ rockets.

They can do so only if they occupy Gaza and remain there for an extended period while engineers search for tunnels and bunkers throughout the territory. This would generate Israeli casualties from Hamas guerrillas fighting on their own turf with no room for retreat. So Hamas will continue to launch rockets, but between the extreme inaccuracy of the rockets and Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, the group will inflict little damage to the Israelis.  Continue reading

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