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India: Rahul Gandhi: Is this the end of the Gandhi dynasty? – commentary

Rahul Gandhi

On May 29, 2019 when Indian PM Narendra Modi won a landslide victory in the Indian elections, Rahul Gandhi, the scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and leader of India’s Congress party, emerged at the other end, battered and mauled.

He is the primary heir to the ultimate poli tical dynasty. His great-grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, was the first and longest-serving prime minister of India. His grandmother, Indira Gandhi, was the first female prime minister of the country, and his father was India’s youngest prime minister.

If the 2014 election was Congress’ worst political showing ever, Thursday’s  (May 29, 2019) poll delivered a double blow to Mr Gandhi. Congress won just over 50 seats against the 300 plus that Mr Modi’s BJP got; and if that was not bad enough, he lost his own seat in the family bastion of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh.

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Arts and Culture: Pratap Pawar: The Prince of Kathak! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

PROFILE: Pratap Pawar: The Prince of Kathak! – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Pratap Pawar

If Birju Maharaj is the King, then Pratap Pawar has to be Prince! Birju Maharaj is legendary for his exposition of Kathak and for taking the art worldwide. He is in his eighties and shows no signs of retirement. Birju travels widely and gives classes to anyone that is interested in Kathak. His students are to be found in all corners of the world.

In the fifties, a young lad was introduced to the Master. It was the symphony of souls, the appearance of the Guru to signal the readiness of the disciple. Thus began the journey of Guruji Pratap Pawar as he scaled his own crests and brought joy to the heart of his Guru. When India wanted to give cultural aid to the Caribbean Indira Gandhi identified Guyana as the first entry. A cultural center was established and Pratap was chosen as the first resident artist.

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African Tribe in India -The Siddis – Kenya TV – 4 videos

African Tribe in India – The Siddes – 4 videos

Citizen TV of Kenya traces an African tribe in India. Tom Mboya travelled to India and now brings you the story of these people, some of whom could be from Kenya.  The four videos are at the end of this introduction.  More information on the Siddes and other African tribes in Asia follow the four videos.

The Siddi population is currently estimated to be 20,000–55,000, with Gujarat in India the main population centre. The village Sirvan is inhabited entirely by Siddis, a tribe of African people. It is believed that some were brought 300 years ago from Africa, by the Portuguese for the Nawab of Junagadh.

The Siddis, whose features are remarkably African, have lived in the forest in a remote village in India unknown to the rest of the world. Today they have found their space in the complex Indian caste system, and their station in this hierarchy is at the bottom, slightly above the Dalits. Citizen TV’s Tom Mboya spent time in India with a tribe that has preserved their unique African heritage for centuries.                Continue reading

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