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Guyana Politics: Political rejection of Africa entitlement under the guise of scholarship

Mar 04, 2019  Features / ColumnistsFreddie Kissoon 

The lava spewing from the no-confidence volcano is engulfing the society where masks are falling off like mangoes on a tree in a yard of one of the managers’ home on a sugar estate. Some want to see the PNC retain in power because of ethnic loyalty.

Some want to see an Indian government return to rule Guyana. Some want to see Jagdeo ride the waves again. Some are so annoyed with the failures of the AFC that they want to see the PPP return so they can laugh at the humiliation of Nagamootoo and Ramjattan. Some feel the APNU+AFC’s time was an abject failure and the no-confidence vote (NCV) offers a new pathway. Continue reading

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