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The Guyana Story – From Earliest Times to Independence by Odeen Ishmael

The Guyana Story – From Earliest Times to Independence by Odeen Ishmael

Picture3 Author Odeen Ishmael Pens Guyana History and its Rich Heritage

New book follows the Guyana history from the period of European colonization to its attainment of independence

By knowing about the past, people will be in a better position to understand and appreciate the present. Author Odeen Ishmael presents the progression of Guyana history and development through his valuable publication, The Guyana Story. It features the earliest times to Independence, tracing the country’s history from thousands of years ago when the first Amerindian groups began their settlement in the Guyana territory.

The book examines the period of early European exploration leading to Dutch colonization and the forcible introduction of African slaves to work on cotton and sugar plantations. It also scrutinizes the effects of European wars, and the final ceding of the territory to the British who ruled it as their colony until they finally granted it independence in 1966.   [New Book- The Guyana Story – Odeen Ishmael]