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“The 1980 Guyana Constitution is Illegal” – Lionel Peters

“The 1980 Guyana Constitution is Illegal” – Lionel Peters

Dear Editor,

The Constitution of one’s country is sacred and paramount
And ought to, should be and must be … upheld, observed and supported in every way by all its subjects.
It is treasonous to defy your country’s constitution for it represents the “The Holy Grail of everything Guyanese”.

The current document that is presented to us as a Constitution was promulgated through a referendum in 1978 that was massively fraudulent.

We as Guyanese, all know the truth of that exercise to get the consent, rejection in that vote for the House/Mouse in 1977/78. The nation did not entertain the proposal by the PNC/Burnham undemocratic regime to perpetuate themselves upon the Guyanese nation. We were already living under the “Declaration of Sophia” and the “Paramountcy of the Party” which in itself were the products of very fraudulent elections in 1968 and 1973.     Continue reading

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