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Former Jamaica finance minister wants fixed exchange rate

Former Jamaica finance minister wants fixed exchange rate

Audley Shaw
Since March 2013, the Jamaica dollar has lost 12.2 percent of its value, moving from Jamaica $97.34 to US$1 to Jamaica $109.02 to US$1.

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Tuesday March 18, 2014, CMC – The Opposition Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) spokesman on Finance Audley Shaw has called on the government to fix the exchange rate in the interest of economic stability.

Shaw, in a presentation at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona Campus on Thursday, said calls for a competitive exchange rate are nothing more than a euphemism for further devaluation which he points out has brought little gain so far.

“Are we seeing more exports as a result? No, in fact exports are down, not up. That is supposed to be one of the benefits of devaluation.  Shouldn’t we then be fighting to maintain a stable or fixed exchange rate because the bigger negative impact is on our debt? It is time for us to start asking where is the positive impact of this continued devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, if all we have are negatives, then I suggest that we need to look at fixing the exchange rate, even for a period of time.”   Continue reading

Job Interviews – Stories from The Rosaliene Bacchus Blog

Rosaliene Bacchus was born in Guyana. She and her sons lived in Fortaleza, Brazil for a number of years. They left in October 2003, and now live in Los Angeles. California.  She is a regular commenter in Guyanese Online. She also has her own Blog : Three Worlds One Vision ~ Guyana – Brazil – USA.

In this entry we feature two of her recent blog entries that relate to “Job Interviews”. There are many more interesting entries, so have a look at her Blog.

Posted by Rosaliene Bacchus in GuyanaWorking Life

To prepare for our entrance into the workplace and lead productive lives as adults, we spend years in elementary and secondary schools and, for those who can afford it, college or university. Then, when the time comes to enter the workplace, we discover that our academic achievements are not enough to get a job. We have to face a selection process. It helps when we have a relative or friend in the company, organization or government agency to help us to gain entry. But this is no guarantee to obtaining the desired position.   [more]

Posted by Rosaliene Bacchus in BrazilWorking Life

Looking for work is tough in a marketplace where job openings are scarce. Extra earnings from private English lessons and Portuguese/English translations, done in the evenings after work, were insufficient to cover my shortfall. I considered moving my sons to a less expensive private school, but one of their teachers advised me against the move. My older son begged to stay.

I submitted job applications to all the major exporters in Fortaleza, Brazil. No response. Then a friend told me of an opening for an Import/Export Analyst at a medium-sized melon producer and exporter.  [more]

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