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Caribbean: Crying for you Venezuela and Haiti! – By Jean H Charles

— By Jean H Charles

Today Haiti and Venezuela represent two nations in shambles where
their citizens are leaving in drove seeking refuge in any hospitable
setting they can find.

Venezuela with a population of around 29 million people and Haiti with
a population of 11 million people are enduring a purgatory weaves by
national and international circumstances. Both nations are linked by
historical connection that placed Haiti has the midwife that facilitates
Venezuela birthing. Indeed when Bolivar visited the entire universe
seeking help to liberate his country from the Spanish conquistadors’
only Haiti on December 15 1815, stepped up to the plate with arms and
munitions to help Simon Bolivar regain force and gain independence.    Continue reading

Reverse Transition, Venezuelan Style – Tomás Straka | Caracas Chronicles

Reverse Transition, Venezuelan Style

Tomás Straka | Caracas Chronicles

Political systems usually have a plan for everything except their end. Focused on staying in power, they exist pretty much the same way all mortals do – they are human creations, after all:

Knowing that they’ll die someday but without giving much thought to the matter of delaying it as much as possible. Just like with people, some systems are more successful than others in this task. That’s why the transition from one political system to the other is generally traumatic, like every death, and sufficiently complex as to warrant its own field of study: TRANSITOLOGY.
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Venezuelan Collapse? Wishful Thinking? Caracas Oil Deals with Russia and China

Venezuelan Collapse? Wishful Thinking? Caracas Oil Deals with Russia and China

The oil and business press is abuzz with predictions of an imminent Venezuelan financial collapse, as a prelude to its political implosion, which should oust President Maduro and erase the Hugo Chavez ambitious experiment.

The country is running out of money, and is unexpected to pay some US$ 3.5 Billion in international loans coming due in October/November 2017. Such a default will trigger creditors to seize its assets, especially oil export shipments, which would stall oil production and end its last hope of salvation.       Continue reading

In graphics: a political and economic guide to Venezuela

In graphics: a political and economic guide to Venezuela

Venezuela: a nation in a state

OF ALL the unflattering words used to describe the state of the country he governs, “disaster” is the one Venezuela’s president, Nicolás Maduro, dislikes the most. Perhaps that is because it is so apt. Under his watch, the nation has entered a steep decline. Mr Maduro has restricted the publication of official economic figures. Those that have been divulged confirm that 2015 was a very bad year. And 2016 is going to be worse.

A global oil boom, which provided Hugo Chávez, Mr Maduro’s populist predecessor, money to lavish on Venezuela’s once neglected poor, is over. Mr Maduro has failed to persuade voters that he is a worthy heir.  Continue reading

VENEZUELA’S BREATHTAKING AUDACITY – by Ralph Ramkarran – (maps added)


Venezuelan claims

Venezuelan claims – click to enlarge

Posted on June 13, 2015  – by  – Conversationtree blog

Venezuela’s proclamation of its “Atlantic Coast” on May 27, which includes all of Guyana’s maritime space, having already maintained since 1962 its fictional claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s land territory, is breathtaking in its audacity. Venezuela’s claim violates the Geneva Agreement and international law and threatens the peace, security and stability of the Region.

Oblivious to this fact, the heirs to Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s late, transformative leader, have damaged the credibility of his legacy. They are attempting to take by force, and at Guyana’s expense, the Atlantic outlet they have always craved and with it Guyana’s newly discovered petroleum resources.   Continue reading

Guyana-Venezuela: The consequences of ideology and avarice

Guyana-Venezuela: The consequences of ideology and avarice

by Sir Ronald Sanders

 published by Caribbean360.com
imageGuyana’s development should not continue to be unfairly stunted by – nor should the country have to continue to live under – the threat of Venezuelan military intervention says Sir Ronald Sanders.

Thursday October 24, 2013 – The internal politics of Venezuela is playing a big part in the sudden deterioration of that country’s relations with its smaller neighbour Guyana after a period of steady improvement.

Elements in the military apparatus of Venezuela appear to be determined to press a spurious claim to two-thirds of Guyana’s territory.  On present evidence, it seems that, unlike his predecessor Hugo Chavez, President Nicolás Maduro lacks the clout to restrain them.    Continue reading

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro visits Guyana

“No one will come between us” – Venezuelan leader tells Guyana

SEPTEMBER 1, 2013 | BY  |

Guyana and Venezuela have recommitted to stronger ties and increased cooperation in areas of transportation and trade.
In his first official visit since becoming leader of neighbouring Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro Moros also joined President Donald Ramotar in opposing possible military strikes by the US against war-torn Syria. The Venezuelan leader said that nothing gives US the right to be the judge and decide the future of another country. Yesterday, US President Barack Obama held off decisions on ordering a strike, saying he wanted Congress’ approval first.

President Donald Ramotar holds aloft a portrait of Simon Bolivar presented to him by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, yesterday, at the International Conference Centre.

Picture: President Donald Ramotar holds aloft a portrait of Simon Bolivar presented to him by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, yesterday, at the International Conference Centre.

Maduro’s visit comes at a time when Guyana would want reassurance about the PetroCaribe agreement – an oil-for-rice deal that was forged by former Venezuela leader, Hugo Chavez. Under that deal, Guyana buys oil under concessional terms from Venezuela and provides rice in return. Local farmers have been happy over the stability offered by that market.

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Venezuela’s Chavez wins re-election with 54 pct of vote

Venezuela’s Chavez wins re-election with 54 pct of vote

Stabroek editor On October 7, 2012 – CARACAS,  (Reuters) –

Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez won re-election on Sunday, quashing the opposition’s best chance at unseating him in 14 years and cementing himself as a dominant figure in modern Latin American history.

The 58-year-old Chavez took 54.42 percent of the vote, with 90 percent of the ballots counted, to 44.97 percent for the young opposition candidate Henrique Capriles, official results showed.    Continue reading