The Fortunes of Bauxite – Part 1 – History

The Fortunes of Bauxite – Part 1 – History

By Dmitri Allicock  – for Guyanese Online

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For 100 years Bauxite dominated the lives of the people in the Upper Demerara River. The town of Linden is synonymous with bauxite. The discovery of bauxite in the Demerara shaped every aspect of a family’s life. The community grew from a small and sparsely populated one to become the second largest town in Guyana.

Bauxite is not a rare mineral. Over eight per cent of the earth’s crust is composed of bauxite. It is mined only in areas with access to mechanical transport. Though the large deposit of bauxite at Linden was costly to mine, the cost was offset by the fact that Guyana’s bauxite is exceptionally rich in quality.


Bauxite was found at Christianburg and discussed as early as 1860 before its full potential was realized. Interest in this ore peaked as aluminum became of age.   Continue reading

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